It’s that time again!

I received my Amazon Japan order today with the March Petit Comic and Petit Comic Zoukan winter edition. Yes, Petit Comic is my favorite josei magazine. 🙂 Two new series started in the March issue, Love Tore by Yokoyama Mayumi and Nisekon by Yasu Takeko. Both look like fun stories, but I am especially excited about Nisekon! Main character wins 10M yen in a lottery, gets drunk at the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, and ends up “buying” a husband, who happens to be a friend of the groom. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the main guy is a total ikemen, lol.

Petit Comic March 2016

Petit Comic March 2016

Anyway, I uploaded some pictures of Totsuzen, Battle 23 on the Totsuzen page here. I apologize for the single page pictures, but it was difficult to take photos of two-page layouts since the chapter was towards the end of the magazine and the magazine wouldn’t lay flat.

Totsuzen Chapter 22 sneak peek and news

I received my copy of the February issue of Petit Comic today, yay!


February 2016 issue

I posted some images on the Totsuzen page under Summaries (here), for those of you who do not have access to Otakumole. Raff already received her copy of the magazine, so I think she will post Chapter 22 soon.

btw, I recently saw a post on Heart of Manga about Totsuzen being licensed by Viz with publication starting in June! That is really good news for Miyazono-sensei, since not very many josei manga get licensed in English. With that being the case, however, I will not be providing Totsuzen translations after that time, if the series is still on-going. Since the manga will be licensed in English, please support the mangaka and purchase your own copies. 🙂

Finally, my big news is that I’m a dedicated translator for a new scans group, ShoujoHearts. Everyone in the group is friendly, hard-working, and very passionate about shoujo/josei manga. 🙂 Right now, we are working on several josei and one shoujo manga, but we plan to add more shoujo (and josei) manga in the future. You can find out more information about current and upcoming projects here: Current and Upcoming Projects List. If you have any suggestions on new projects, please post them on ShoujoHearts site!

Totsuzen Desu ga – Chapter 21 Spoilers

Hello! I’ve had a few people ask for a summary of Chapter 21, so if you are interested in reading a short spoiler (I typed this really fast, so please excuse any grammar mistakes), click More below:

Totsuzen Desu ga – Battle 21

Amazon Japan delivered Petit Comic magazine so fast as usual! The January issue was released on December 8th (Japan time) and it arrived yesterday on December 10th, yay!

I uploaded a few images from the chapter, even though I think Otakumole will have the whole chapter posted soon (Raff is usually quick). Enjoy the mini spoiler here!


Yay for Amazon Japan

Even though shipping costs are a bit expensive, it’s hard to beat Amazon Japan’s delivery times. My order shipped on October 8th and it arrived promptly today on October 12th, so not counting weekend days, it took only three business days. This is the third order that I’ve placed with Amazon Japan and they consistently maintain fast delivery times. 🙂

November Issue of Petit Comic

November Issue of Petit Comic

My order this month consisted of the November issue of Petit Comic and two light novels. I decided to keep purchasing Petit Comic for the time being, since most of the manga series that I follow are in that magazine. I posted some raws of Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – Battle 19 to give people a quick sneak peek… go to the Totsuzen page to see the images! I’ll also try to get a head start on translating the chapter, before it gets posted on Otakumole. I believe Raff orders from Amazon Japan as well, so she will probably get the magazine soon (but she does buy a ton of magazines, compared to my measly one magazine, lol).

Status of translations and other projects

Hello! Now that the translation tool is up and running at Otakumole, I am going to start translating there on a regular basis again… so this will affect the other projects that I’m working on concurrently. Here’s an updated status list of what’s going on:


  • Totsuzen desu ga: I plan to continue translating this series until the end. However, this series seems quite popular and other people have also jumped in and translated chapters, without bothering to check if someone was already working on them… so if that continues, I’ll drop Totsuzen and let them take it over. With so many other manga out there available for translating, I think it’s a waste of time for two translators to work on the same manga chapter at the same time. Almost no one is going to read two different English translations for the same chapter. If the same thing occurs with any of the other manga listed below, I’ll probably drop them as well.
  • Gozen 0-ji: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Himitsu no Juliet: I plan to continue translating this series for now, unless I get bored with it.
  • Koi ni Tsuite: There are only 3 more chapters to translate, so I’ll finish the series.
  • Mephistopheles wa Dare?: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Zettai Toudo: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Midara na Nettaigyo: I plan to continue translating this series until the end. I’m still catching up on the previous chapters, though. LittleGreen will be helping translate a couple of the chapters. 🙂
  • Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de: I’ll work on this series when I have time. I’ve kind of lost interest in it, especially with the oresama main guy, lol
  • Mikazuki ni Nagareboshi: I’ll probably work on the series when I have time.
  • Otonari wa 1-ken: The series has ended. I already scanlated Chapter 7, so I’m not going to translate it on Otakumole. I may translate Chapter 7.5 later, if no one else does.
  • Koi Furu Colorful: I’m dropping this series.
  • Futsutsukamo desu ga: I initially said that I would work on this series, but then someone else started translating it at the same time, so I dropped it. I did translate one chapter on request, but I’m not planning to do more.
  • I’m helping three scanlation groups, dedicated for one wonderful group and freelance for two other groups. I’ve also started proofreading the scripts for one vn game and I’m finishing up the script translation for another game.


  • Asa Made Kimi to: I will start working on Chapter 3 (final chapter) soon!
  • Mikazuki to Nagareboshi: Dropped.

Summaries: I’m discontinuing all summaries for now, since it’s too much work to translate and summarize the same manga. If I stop translating a manga on Otakumole and I have my own copy of the raws, I may summarize it here though.

Otome Games: I really want to start playing games again! I have such a backlog of games to play and at this rate, I’ll be old and gray before I get through all of them, lol. I’m still playing UNending Bloody Call, which I started 1.5 years ago… how pathetic is that. I think I’ll put that game on hold and start fresh with a new game. 🙂 Any suggestions?


Otakumole is alive

So, Otakumole is back… read Raff’s announcement here: Otakumole is up. The great news is that people can now view the scans with the translations again, yay! The bubble interface is somewhat cute as well. It seems to be hit or miss on whether the Bubbler interface works though, so if you have trouble with your computer or browser, try a different browser or your laptop/phone/tablet instead. I’m still concerned about the possibility that the scans will get deleted again one day. Nothing was ever confirmed about the real reason why the scans were deleted in the first place.

It sounds like the translators will be able to start translating on Otakumole again next week, so I’m going to put my summaries on hold for now. Even though writing summaries takes less time than translations for me, they still take around 1.5 – 2 hours per summary on average, so I rather not spend time writing summaries for the same manga series that I will be translating. I hope to continue translating the following series on Otakumole (unless other people work on chapters before I can finish them): Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu; Zettai Toudo; Midara na Nettaigyo; Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka; Mephistopheles wa Dare; and Gozen 0-ji ni Kiss Shi ni Kite yo. Yeah… pretty much all the Petit Comic manga that I’ve been summarizing, lol, with the exception of Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de… I’m kind of bored with that manga.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep buying Petit Comic magazine going forward. I’m waiting to see how the revamped Otakumole and Raffmanga sites will pan out.

Petit Comic October issue and summary updates

Hello! My Amazon Japan order arrived today with the October issue of Petit Comic magazine, yay! The magazine was just released on September 8th in Japan, so Amazon Japan shipping is very quick. 🙂 I posted a few pics of Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – Chapter 18 to go along with the summary that trans provided.

Petit Comic October 2015

Cute cover of Nana Ryuu and Asuka

I’ll work on the summaries for the other manga series soon, starting with Zettai Toudo. Please check the Recent Summary Updates section on the right side of the page to see the most current updates. I’m also going to start summarizing two manga from Ane Kei Petit Comic… Mephistopheles wa Dare? and Futsutsukamono Desu ga. Ane Kei Petit Comic is released every other month, so I won’t be posting summaries for them as frequently.

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 complete

The Chapter 2 scanlation is finished, yay! Here’s a preview of the chapter.

I’ll start working on Mikazuki to Nagareboshi – Chapter 4 next. I won’t set a time frame, but you can go to the main Scanlations page to check on the progress. 🙂

2000 points e-book campaign for honto newcomers

I found this awesome campaign when I checked out honto’s web site today! For anyone who hasn’t purchased an e-book through honto yet, they are running the following campaign this week only:


  • Spend 300 – 499 yen and get 300 points
  • Spend 500 – 999 yen and get 500 points
  • Spend at least 1000 yen and get a whopping 2000 points!

2000 points is unheard of! When I first bought from honto, I think I got 500 points for spending at least 1000 yen and I thought that was a great deal, lol. Points are the same as cash when you use them, so 2000 points is like getting 2000 yen to spend. Please note that most points usually expire the end of the following month, so if you are awarded points in September, you normally have until the end of October to use them or lose them. Here’s an example of how honto’s points and coupons work:
honto order

This is my e-book order today:

  • Total price before coupons/points: 2236 yen for 7 books
  • 30% off coupon for comics: (640 yen)
  • Points used: (432 yen)
  • Final total price: 1164 yen
  • Points earned for order: 100 points

As you can see, I’m only paying around half (1164 yen) of the total price of 2236 yen and I also earned 100 points to use by the end of September. 🙂

Registering at honto is a little tricky, so you can read how to sign up here: Without Restraints. As for reading the e-books, there are readers available for PC, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. Installing the PC version is a no-brainer, just download from their site and follow the installation instructions. Unfortunately for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, I believe the digital reader is only available for download in their Japan stores. However, there are ways around that! For iPhone/iPad, you need to set up an iTunes Japan account… you can do that by signing up with a different email address from your regular iTunes account. I forgot the exact instructions, but if you Google how to set up another iTunes account, there is plenty of helpful advice available. For Android devices, I downloaded the TunnelBear app (easy-to-use VPN client) to access the Google Play Japan store.

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