Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars): Love & War

So… I broke down and ended up buying the first four volumes of Toshokan Sensou: Love & War in English via Amazon… they’re included in the “buy three, get the fourth one free” special. Yay! I was planning to get the Japanese version, but decided to get the English one instead after getting the Japanese raws for volume 1 and trying to read them (I did read most of the volume but had to look up so many words, my brain hurts). *sigh* I am somewhat disappointed in myself for giving up on the Japanese version, but I really want to read the manga and I don’t think I will enjoy it that much if my head hurts when I read it, lol. Oh well, I guess I will stick with the standard shoujo/josei romance stories for Japanese practice… they’re easy enough to read. Debating on what to do about Vampire Knight and Black Bird… English or Japanese? I already bought one volume of Black Bird (e-manga) in Japanese but haven’t tried to read it yet… guess I will decide after that.


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