Black Bird and Vampire Knight

I started reading the first volume of Black Bird (Japanese) and it’s not too hard to read. Vampire Knight looks to be about the same, based on the raws that I’ve seen. So, adding them to my ever growing list of manga to buy, lol. On average, I’m trying to budget for $50/month. Although I went a little overboard the last two months and spent closer to $100/month… eeek!


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  1. dulce
    Jul 21, 2012 @ 05:02:17

    i love black bird it is the best ever . I never read a manga so good . I was thinking it was gona be like the others . Once i started reading it i could not put it down . keep on wrighting :]


    • dnjs
      Jul 21, 2012 @ 08:00:28

      Thanks! Yes, I think Black Bird is a good manga, too. I actually put it on hold for now (too manga manga to buy and read, lol), but I will definitely start up again later. Since there a digital version, I plan to buy all the volumes electronically someday… waiting for a good deal or discount for each volume individually or on the entire series when it’s finished. 🙂


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