Kiss Yori mo Hayaku is ending (not)

I saw Tanaka-sensei’s tweet that the last chapter of Kiss Yori mo Hayaku will be released in the May issue of LaLa. I stopped getting LaLa last year, so I don’t know what’s happening currently, but I’m sure it’s going to be a happy ending! Can’t wait to read it and also see what Tanaka-sensei is going to do next! This series was the first one I bought in ages. Thank you, Tanaka-sensei, for reviving my interest (ahem, obsession) with manga! 🙂

Updated: I checked the LaLa website and this manga is not ending in the May issue… since it continues on in the June issue, lol. Not sure what Tanaka-san tweeted then. I tried to go back and find this tweet but couldn’t, oh well.

Updated (June 25): As I mentioned on a later post, this manga has ended with the last chapter published in the August issue of LaLa, out yesterday. I can’t wait to see the ending!


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