Adding to my favorite mangaka list

I keep discovering more mangaka to add to my favorites list… at this rate, I’m going to have to watch what I spend each month on manga, lol. Here are the names:

• Miyazono Izumi: I start reading her works when I subscribed to Petit Comic last year. I’m not a fan of her earlier works, but I like the artwork in her recent works, so I’m planning to buy a couple of her manga, Dare nimo Ienai Yoru o Ageru and Kinyoku no Hiru to Kanbi na Yoru. Her newest work, Renai Caffeine, looks good too.

• Mitsuki Miko: I bought Koi, Hirari last year and really liked the artwork… story was cute too. I just ordered the three volumes of Mitsu Aji Blood. Her main guy characters are definitely tsundere.

• Kouchi Kaede: The mangaka for Love So Life… cute story and artwork. The only other work that I’m aware of by this mangaka is a Christmas anthology. Definitely will be keeping an eye on this mangaka.


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