Thoughts on Aoharaido – Chapter 16 (spoilers)

I received the scans for Aoharaido – Chapter 16 and all I can say is… W.T.H… Sakisaka-sensei, I hope you know what you’re doing, lol. I can’t believe that Kou and Futaba didn’t go to the festival again, really? Not sure what is going on with Kou, but all kinds of scenarios are running through my head… he has an ex-girlfriend with issues back in his old town, his grandparents want him to move back to Nagasaki and live with them, he’s afraid of getting closer to Futaba and maybe scaring her away with the physical stuff (Kou seems to have more experience than she does). I actually don’t mind prolonging their relationship (Sakisaka-sensei does anticipation/angst so well… just think Strobe Edge), but I hope whatever is going on with Kou fits in well with the storyline and isn’t something that’s thrown out there just to keep the story going. Touma-kun is getting more exposure now that it appears he’s interested in Futaba, but I don’t see Futaba returning his feelings. Maybe he will be kept on the sidelines to irritate Kou into taking action or something. I know third time’s a charm, so it’s possible that Kou and Futaba will finally get to go to the summer festival on their third try, but I hope that Sakisaka-sensei isn’t going to make us wait a whole year (story-wise) before they get together. On a side note, I’m really liking Kou’s brother, Tanaka-sensei, after reading the extra chapter about him and Murao. He was pretty cool when talking with Kominato about Murao and then challenging him in Chapter 14 with the “as long as she doesn’t get hurt, then you’re okay with it” comment. In the extra chapter, he shows his goofy and cute sides. Plus, he can cook! Gotta love a man who can cook. 🙂


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