Changes to bk1 site

I received an email last week about upcoming changes to the bk1 site. The online bookstore is going to merge with another site, honto, in May. The honto online store currently offers electronic books, manga, and magazines (similar to ebookjapan). I haven’t purchased any e-manga from honto, probably because they don’t seem to offer anything different from ebookjapan… the manga prices are pretty much the same but there’s a time limit of 365 days to view the manga. From what I can tell, it looks like the newly merged store which will still use the name, honto, will offer both electronic and paper versions and they will still ship overseas. Right now I’m kind of feeling meh about the whole thing… I know that change is usually a good thing, but I’ve been really happy with the service from bk1. Hopefully the merged store will be just as reliable and easy to order from. I’m thinking of putting my May order in early through bk1 to squeeze in one more order before the change, and then wait until early June to start ordering from honto. btw, I received another order (my fifth one, lol) from bk1 yesterday, yay! Strobe Edge (2 volumes), Tora to Ookami (2 volumes), Love So Life (2 volumes) , Tonari no Koigataki, and Vampire Knight Fan Book. 🙂


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