L-DK Chapter 34 Spoilers

I’m translating the raws for Chapter 34 of L-DK and didn’t want to believe the ending, so I checked around and found a couple of Japanese blogs that gave out spoilers for Chapters 35, 36, and 37 (which is the most recent one released in Betsufure). While the spoilers are pretty detailed, no scans were posted and the person’s thoughts and feelings are mixed in with the actual story… which is fun to read but because of that, I will just post a short summary of each chapter’s spoiler (since I don’t want to get the details wrong) and will use “seems”, “appears”, “likely” and other such words just in case the actual scans are different than what I inferred from the blogs.

Here is the summary for Chapter 34. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. I hope this works, lol.

Chapter 34

After the big condom discovery (lol) by her dad, Aoi tries to explain that it’s not what it seems but her dad won’t listen. He tells Shuusei to go outside and beats him up. At school, Aoi is upset about Shuusei’s injuries and tells him about the time when she was ostracized in elementary school and had no friends. Her dad left work early many times to play with her. Aoi wants to be with Shuusei but she’s upset about making her father sad. Later, Shuusei and her father talk at the monkey bars while trying to one-up each other. After that, Shuusei comes to a decision and tells Aoi that they should separate… what?

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