L-DK Chapter 36 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 36. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 36

After giving his approval, Aoi’s dad leaves their apartment. Aoi seems really happy and hugs Shuusei but Shuusei doesn’t respond… although later he hugs her from behind when she’s cooking. Their landlord stops by to ask them if they want to celebrate Wataru’s acceptance to the university (congrats!). It’s decided that they will all go to a hot springs spa, including Eri. At the spa, Wataru tells Aoi that he’s happy it worked out for her and Shuusei. However, it seems like Wataru wants to get a reaction out of Shuusei, so he gets a little close to Aoi and Shuusei is jealous. Later though, Wataru sees both Aoi and Shuusei together, smiling and looking happy, and it’s bittersweet for him… ohhh, poor Wataru. Of course the sleeping arrangements are girls in one room, guys in another, however Aoi and Shuusei end up in a room by themselves. Shuusei starts to slowly take off Aoi’s yukata (oh my!) but then stops. Even though they don’t continue Aoi still wants to kiss him, so he gives in. At the end, he goes back and sleeps with the other guys. The chapter ends with the bulletin board at school, showing the class roster… Aoi and Shuusei will be in the same class for their last year of high school!

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