L-DK Chapter 37 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 37. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 37

It’s springtime, the start of a new school year! Aoi and Shuusei are in the same class for the first time. But Aoi’s friend, Moe, ends up in a different class. Aoi seems a little nervous about the changes. Shuusei still has a lot of fans at the school but there’s a girl named Haru who speaks candidly about him. Aoi, who doesn’t want their secret to be exposed, acts indifferently towards Shuusei and ends up making friends with Haru and another girl, Kaede. The other guys in the class seem to be jealous of Shuusei’s popularity, but Shuusei’s friend (Yuudai) shows up which helps alleviate the tense atmosphere. Apparently Shuusei gives Yuudai a big kiss in front of the whole class (really?). Yuudai proposes that they have a reunion and they go out bowling. Shuusei and Haru seem to know each other from being in the same basketball club in junior high. After bowling, they grab a bite to eat but somehow it ends up with Shuusei, Yuudai, Haru, and Kaede getting along well and Aoi feeling left out. So it turns out to be a depressing day for her… but then Shuusei sits down next to her and touches her hand under the table. He apologizes for not being able to talk to her easily. Yuudai almost catches them holding hands under the table, but Shuusei diverts his attention by mentioning a big breasted woman outside the window. Then Shuusei goes from shy to sadist mode and tells Aoi to please treat him well and he hopes that her breasts get bigger soon, lol. Aoi slaps Shuusei, taking everyone by surprise.

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