Aoharaido – Chapter 17 thoughts (spoilers)

I finished translating Chapter 17 and just wanted to share a few of my thoughts… I won’t go into too much detail but there will be spoilers so if you don’t want to know more, read no further, lol.

– First of all, yay for girl power! Love the group hug. 🙂 Yuuri is starting to grow on me… I thought her character was annoying at first but she’s getting better. I’m glad Futaba has good female friends. She will need their support if things get rocky with Kou.

– Kou is looking pretty tired in this chapter. The bags under his eyes look bigger. Probably due to the added stress of dealing with his friend from Nagasaki?

– Kou “sleeping” and the fingernail scene! Ahhh… Kou, just admit (at least to yourself) that you have feelings for Futaba… or don’t you know?

– Touma is holding his own… Physically, I still like Kou’s look better, but Touma is pretty cute too. I used to think that he looked like a male version of Yuuri, lol. He’s pretty direct in approaching Futaba, which is a nice contrast to Kou who’s kind of sneaky and hard to read.

– I’m leaning towards Kou’s friend being female for two reasons… one, I don’t think Kou would spend his time during every break at school, checking his phone for email from a guy. Even with his sharp tongue, Kou has shown to be gentle towards girls. Two, if it’s a guy friend, the storyline would probably not be as interesting. Adding another girl in Kou’s life makes for a lot more drama and angst… and Sakisaka-sensei is so good at angst. Gah! When is chapter 18 coming out? lol.


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