L-DK Chapter 38 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 38. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 38

Shuusei is playing in the school’s softball tournament and is popular as always. Aoi is worried about it but can’t say anything at school. After school, Aoi goes to meet up with Shuusei at a train station away from their school. However, Kaede happens to show up because the studio where she works as a magazine model is nearby. Kaede seems to be suspicious of Aoi and Shuusei’s relationship. Aoi apparently says she doesn’t really care about Shuusei, so Shuusei turns into his doS mode and ends up going on a date with Kaede with Aoi following them. At a store, when it appears that Kaede is going to kiss him, a dressed up gal grabs him and runs out of the store. Outside, Aoi removes her disguise and tells Shuusei that she’s been really looking forward to going on a “seifuku date” (date while wearing their school uniforms) with him. Acknowledging her feelings, he drops the doS mode and caresses her cheek. Shuusei wants to go with Aoi to take pictures in a photo booth. Shuusei apparently doesn’t understand the meaning of “chu-puri” (taking a photo while kissing). He hugs her from behind and tells her that sometimes he gets uneasy, thinking that she could disappear suddenly, so he wants to create a lot of memories with her. After taking pictures, they go to the park. Aoi climbs up the jungle gym and he makes remarks about her underwear. Then he climbs up the jungle gym and hugs her, saying that a “seifuku date” is nice. He tells her that he likes it when she smiles and they kiss. At Kaede’s house, she is wondering about Aoi and Shuusei while looking at pictures of Haru…

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