Manga summaries

I decided to add a summary section for some of my favorite manga. 🙂 I plan to write detailed summaries chapter by chapter, so they will be much longer than the spoilers I post. I won’t summarize manga that is readily available via scanlations, summaries, or licensed in English though. I also have no regular schedule for posting the summaries… there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done between work, daily life (you know, the fun stuff like cooking, cleaning, etc.), helping out with two manga groups, and playing otome games. I hope to try and summarize whatever manga I’m reading at the current time. Right now, I’m reading Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (vol 7), Love So Life (vol 5), and L-DK (vol 2). All of these manga are either being translated or summarized, so I started on Asa Made Kimi to by Yamada Komomo. Since there currently is no translation or summary for this manga based on the info from Manga Updates, I’ll add it here. In order not to bog down this blog with chapter release updates, I’ll just post when I’m done with the entire volume, but feel free to check for chapter releases as you like. Asa Made Kimi to only has one volume, so I will post about it when the summary for the entire volume is finished. As for pictures from the manga, I can’t scan the pages without taking the book apart and I don’t know if taking pictures on my iPhone will be good enough. But if I can figure something out, I will try to include at least a few images from each chapter.


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  1. Sosai
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 08:47:10

    I think it’s great that you’ll be providing some of the summaries! Too often there is a lot of great manga that is published that people never know about because it’s not picked up. What you’re doing is a great service to a lot of English readers, and I wanted to let you know that. 🙂

    Good reading,


    • dnjs
      Jun 15, 2012 @ 10:12:05

      Thanks! 🙂 It’s too bad that a lot of great manga isn’t picked up for translation… there are just too many good ones to choose from. Pretty much all of the shoujo manga that I have are being translated or summarized, so I will be mainly focusing on josei.


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