L-DK Chapter 39 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 39. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 39

Picking up from the last chapter at Kaede’s house, it seems that she definitely suspects something is going on between Aoi and Shuusei and wonders what Haru should do. Haru hasn’t told Kaede that she likes Shuusei though. At Aoi and Shuusei’s apartment, Aoi is happily getting ready to go over to Haru’s house with Kaede. Shuusei seems happy, too, as he touches Aoi’s hair and keeps looking at her. When Aoi and Haru go to the store to pick up ingredients, Kaede makes a phone call. At the store, Aoi and Haru are checking out the sales and then Aoi and some older guy bump into each other. The guy touches Aoi’s butt and Aoi, with Haru’s help, gets back at him. Aoi and Haru laugh about it on the way back. When they arrive at the house, Shuusei and Yuudai are there. Kaede invited them over, maybe to see how Aoi will react? They look through Haru’s junior high yearbook and Kaede says that she wants to see Haru and Shuusei do a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Haru and Shuusei seems to be having a good time with their game, while Aoi worries that Haru knows more about Shuusei’s past than she does. Kaede continues to observe Aoi. As Haru goes to steal the ball, she starts to fall down but Shuusei grabs and stops her. He then tells her that he feels bad about something that happened in the past.He’s glad they’re in the same class and can talk again. Standing together like that, Haru seems to notice her feelings towards Shuusei. Aoi, seeing Haru like that, also thinks that Haru likes Shuusei. Then, Kaede says/thinks, “Haru suits him…”

Just a few quick thoughts about this development… personally, I’m getting a little tired of all the problems that keep cropping up to prevent Aoi and Shuusei from really enjoying their relationship. I realize that their living situation can’t be discovered, but why can’t other people know that they are in a relationship? I don’t mind the “no sexual relations until graduation” promise because I feel that it is appropriate for the storyline and adds some tension to the relationship. But this new development is just kind of annoying. I’m tired of conniving girls. Hopefully, Watanabe-sensei doesn’t drag this on for too long and Shuusei doesn’t do anything to make Aoi feel more uneasy. No matter what happens though, I will follow this manga to the end… I’ve already bought all the volumes through number 9 and I’m helping with the translation, but I’m hoping for more happiness instead of angst.


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