Hakuouki and other otome games info

I finished Hakuouki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom! Well, at least the routes that I wanted to do… Okita, Saitou, Harada, and Hijikata, and only the good routes (although I started to head down an Okita bad route but stopped before I got to the end). As much as I want to see all the CGs in the game, I’m not up for it right now… maybe later on. Sorry Heisuke, I didn’t care for your long hairdo, weird eyes, and voice. As for Kazama, I just really didn’t like him and I read that his route is pretty short. It looks like there’s also one more final ending to unlock besides those two, though? I haven’t really looked into it, so that will also be at a later date.

I received another two PSP games in the mail yesterday from YesAsia. They also took only a couple of weeks. Thanks YesAsia for the prompt service! Here’s some info on the two games:

  • Hakuouki Zuisouroku (Otomate): Yup, another Hakuouki game! I had to get this one after seeing a couple of the Sekkaroku OVAs. Looking forward to playing a more light-hearted game. 🙂
  • Oumagatoki: Kaidan Romance (QuinRose): Supernatural high school story…

PSP Games

I was debating on what to play next… and I think I will go with Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku, another historical game. What!? Not Hakuouki Zuisouroku!? Well, yeah, I really want to play that game but I’m giving myself a little break from the Hakuouki franchise… just a little one, though, lol.

I added an Otome Games section to the blog, consisting of reviews (sorry, no spoilers or walkthroughs) of the games that I’ve played. I’m working on my Hakuouki review after this.


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