Aoharaido – Chapter 19 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws are already available and have been translated… you can read the translation here. So fast, wow! Omg, this manga is good! It drives me crazy and makes me happy at the same time, lol.

  • Yes, the phone friend is a girl… like that would surprise anyone, lol. She shows up at the end of the chapter. She has short, dark hair and looks cute, of course.
  • Lots of male bonding going on between Kominato and Kou, which is cool. Kou’s such a loner and pretty aloof, so it’s good to see him open up a little.
  • Kominato discovering that Kou used to like Futaba in junior high and then asking if he still does and Kou blushing. He doesn’t admit it but doesn’t deny it either. 🙂
  • Aoharaido-Ch19

    This is after Kominato asks Kou if he still likes Futaba and Kou doesn’t give him a straight answer… I love Kou’s face, annoyed and embarrassed… cute!

  • Futaba asking for Touma’s opinion on guy stuff… awkward (for Touma?) but cute! Touma really seems to like her… almost want them to end up together… almost, but it’s definitely Kou and Futaba! Although with recent developments, it might take awhile.
  • Kou sounds like he’s just trying to help out the phone girl but isn’t interested in her in that way… but she may feel differently… nothing has been said in the chapter, but why bother to add her character to the story then? If so, hopefully Kou is smart and strong enough to resist. Although that would be an opening for Touma… and remember with Strobe Edge, Ninako’s first kiss wasn’t with Ren?

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  1. kizi180
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 08:05:53

    OMG! Thank for the summary I can’t wait!


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