Manga order from honto

honto order July 2012Received my first order from honto without any problems, yay! It arrived on Friday, about 5.5 weeks since it shipped. That’s close to the average time it seems to take to ship the order from Japan to my place (using surface mail, the slowest and cheapest method). Previous orders from bk1 took around 6 weeks and one order took 2 months. According to the Japan postal service website, surface mail to the U.S. can take anywhere from 1 – 3 months, so I’m happy with 6 weeks.

I ordered 8 books and the cost of the shipping was 1080 yen, which is around $14… very reasonable for 8 books. If the exchange rate was different, I would probably switch to a faster method, but I just don’t want to pay that much for shipping right now. I like the way honto packs the books, too. Very neat with padding around all sides, so the books aren’t damaged during transit.

Here’s my stash of books that I received: Strobe Edge (vol 9 & 10), Aoharaido (vol 1), Chitose, etc. (vol 4), Love So Life (vol 9), Ishakoi (vol 3), Hakuouki anthology, and Hakuouki light novel (vol 1). Now I need to find more time to read, lol.


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  1. Tina (@Naochwan)
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 22:58:38

    I ordered too from honto with SEA, next week wil be the 6th week since it was shipped. I can’t wait*w*


    • dnjs
      Jul 18, 2012 @ 06:43:14

      I hope your order arrives soon! I usually place an order with honto every month and the packages have been arriving pretty much every six weeks, each month… it’s like Christmas or my birthday every month, lol.


      • Tina (@Naochwan)
        Jul 21, 2012 @ 08:19:54

        Really? You order every month? And may I ask how much it weighs? In smaller quantities Sea is a bad choice in my opinion,though:) But it’s good to hear it actually arrives, now I don’t have that much anxiety, I really hesitated what shipping method to choose,lol

      • dnjs
        Jul 21, 2012 @ 08:33:20

        Yes, I order every month… I like getting a package in the mail monthly, lol. Although I may cut back to every other month soon. I usually order 8 volumes, so the weight is probably around 1600 – 1700 grams, I’m guessing. The 8 volumes plus the box and packaging still adds up to less than 2 kg, which costs 1,080 yen to ship SEA to the United States. My last order I bought an otome game magazine (heavy) and 8 manga, so the cost of shipping went up to 1,620 yen (up to 3 kg limit). Yes, for bigger orders, SEA is a pretty good option. Slow, but reasonable. I probably wouldn’t use it to buy only a few manga though.

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