L-DK Chapter 40 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 40. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary comes from a wonderful Japanese blog that I read… here’s the link to the original Japanese spoiler: Chapter 40. The blog owner’s posts are so fun to read with a lot of details and comments. 🙂

Chapter 40

Aoi and Shuusei return back to their apartment and Aoi is concerned about Shuusei and Haru. Shuusei asks Aoi if there’s something bothering her but she doesn’t answer so he starts tickling her. She finally tells him that she’s worried about Haru. Shuusei tells her that Haru is just a friend. He’s glad that Aoi has become friendly with Haru and the others and thinks that everyone being in the same class and having fun, including Aoi, will be a good thing. During lunchtime at school, Kaede tries to get Haru to admit that she still likes Shuusei in front of Aoi, but Haru won’t admit it. Back at the apartment, Aoi receives a call from Kaede. Apparently she’s on her way over to Aoi’s place and Haru is with her! Luckily, Shuusei is at his part-time job so he’s not there, but Aoi needs to send him a text and let him know. Kaede checks out the place and both she and Haru even see the “no sexual relations until graduation” sign, lol. Shuusei returns back home but Aoi is able to gesture at him to leave before he says anything. Hearing a noise in the entrance, Kaede and Haru go to investigate but Aoi and Shuusei somehow evade them and end up in the bathroom(?). He tells her that they probably don’t need to hide their relationship from Haru and Kaede but Aoi’s not sure because of Haru’s feelings towards Shuusei. Shuusei then starts kissing Aoi and when Kaede calls her name, Aoi has trouble answering, lol. Haru finally confesses to Aoi that she likes Shuusei and apologizes for lying about it. Aoi tries to tell Haru about her relationship with Shuusei, but Kaede interrupts them saying that Haru needs to go home because her brother is waiting. After Haru is gone, Kaede asks Aoi if she’s going out with Shuusei and if they’re living together.

Well, I’m definitely relieved that Aoi and Shuusei talked about her concerns and he reassured her! Still worried about Kaede and what she plans to do though…


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