Oumagatoki first impressions

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in several days… started watching the Olympics and got busy with regular daily life stuff.

I finished HanaIchi a few days ago (not all the routes but the ones I wanted to do) and started on Oumagatoki. I read good reviews about this game, so I’ve been really looking forward to playing it… but so far, my first impression is kind of meh. But I’m at the end of the general route and about to start one of the individual routes, so things should get more interesting. There’s supposed to be a lot more action on the romantic front compared to the other games I’ve played.

The story centers around a bunch of spirits who appear during the twilight hour (oumagatoki) and attend high school at night. The main protagonist, Shizuka, is a water spirit and spends her time at school getting into mischief and causing all sorts of trouble with her friend, Hisoka. Shizuka tends to get into fights with other spirits in order to release the power that builds up inside of her. Otherwise, her power will get out of control. So far, she’s kind of snarky and a bit full of herself. Although, given all the power she possesses, maybe that’s understandable.

I believe there is an underlying story about Shizuka’s background, so that should be interesting. I’ve only briefly glanced at the details of each individual route though, so I’m not really sure. I hope so, because games with an involved background story are more appealing to me. 🙂


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