Aoharaido – Chapter 20 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws are out for Chapter 20! You can find them here. The chapter is split into two parts, so make sure to click on the second part to see the rest of the chapter. *I updated the link for the Chinese raws, so it should be okay now if you had problems earlier.

Updated: the translation for the Chinese raws is here: bxsmanga! Thanks to the awesome Estella for the quick translation!

Updated again: Here’s the Japanese summary at Happy Dream Time. It’s the second summary out of four.

The big news: Kou and Futaba kiss! At the end of the chapter! They both look shocked and it wasn’t intentional. Ahhh… can’t wait to see the Japanese raws.


Instead of the kiss picture (Futaba looks a little weird), I decided to post one of my favorite parts from this chapter… this is the scene right after Touma calls out to Futaba, forgetting that the microphone is on. She waves hello to him and he looks so adorably happy. Kou is there too and sees everything… the look on his face says a lot, lol.


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    Aug 10, 2012 @ 20:16:43

    Hi, you have an awesome blog here! ^^


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