Status of translations and other projects

Hello! Now that the translation tool is up and running at Otakumole, I am going to start translating there on a regular basis again… so this will affect the other projects that I’m working on concurrently. Here’s an updated status list of what’s going on:


  • Totsuzen desu ga: I plan to continue translating this series until the end. However, this series seems quite popular and other people have also jumped in and translated chapters, without bothering to check if someone was already working on them… so if that continues, I’ll drop Totsuzen and let them take it over. With so many other manga out there available for translating, I think it’s a waste of time for two translators to work on the same manga chapter at the same time. Almost no one is going to read two different English translations for the same chapter. If the same thing occurs with any of the other manga listed below, I’ll probably drop them as well.
  • Gozen 0-ji: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Himitsu no Juliet: I plan to continue translating this series for now, unless I get bored with it.
  • Koi ni Tsuite: There are only 3 more chapters to translate, so I’ll finish the series.
  • Mephistopheles wa Dare?: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Zettai Toudo: I plan to continue translating this series until the end.
  • Midara na Nettaigyo: I plan to continue translating this series until the end. I’m still catching up on the previous chapters, though. LittleGreen will be helping translate a couple of the chapters. 🙂
  • Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de: I’ll work on this series when I have time. I’ve kind of lost interest in it, especially with the oresama main guy, lol
  • Mikazuki ni Nagareboshi: I’ll probably work on the series when I have time.
  • Otonari wa 1-ken: The series has ended. I already scanlated Chapter 7, so I’m not going to translate it on Otakumole. I may translate Chapter 7.5 later, if no one else does.
  • Koi Furu Colorful: I’m dropping this series.
  • Futsutsukamo desu ga: I initially said that I would work on this series, but then someone else started translating it at the same time, so I dropped it. I did translate one chapter on request, but I’m not planning to do more.
  • I’m helping three scanlation groups, dedicated for one wonderful group and freelance for two other groups. I’ve also started proofreading the scripts for one vn game and I’m finishing up the script translation for another game.


  • Asa Made Kimi to: I will start working on Chapter 3 (final chapter) soon!
  • Mikazuki to Nagareboshi: Dropped.

Summaries: I’m discontinuing all summaries for now, since it’s too much work to translate and summarize the same manga. If I stop translating a manga on Otakumole and I have my own copy of the raws, I may summarize it here though.

Otome Games: I really want to start playing games again! I have such a backlog of games to play and at this rate, I’ll be old and gray before I get through all of them, lol. I’m still playing UNending Bloody Call, which I started 1.5 years ago… how pathetic is that. I think I’ll put that game on hold and start fresh with a new game. 🙂 Any suggestions?



Otakumole is alive

So, Otakumole is back… read Raff’s announcement here: Otakumole is up. The great news is that people can now view the scans with the translations again, yay! The bubble interface is somewhat cute as well. It seems to be hit or miss on whether the Bubbler interface works though, so if you have trouble with your computer or browser, try a different browser or your laptop/phone/tablet instead. I’m still concerned about the possibility that the scans will get deleted again one day. Nothing was ever confirmed about the real reason why the scans were deleted in the first place.

It sounds like the translators will be able to start translating on Otakumole again next week, so I’m going to put my summaries on hold for now. Even though writing summaries takes less time than translations for me, they still take around 1.5 – 2 hours per summary on average, so I rather not spend time writing summaries for the same manga series that I will be translating. I hope to continue translating the following series on Otakumole (unless other people work on chapters before I can finish them): Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu; Zettai Toudo; Midara na Nettaigyo; Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka; Mephistopheles wa Dare; and Gozen 0-ji ni Kiss Shi ni Kite yo. Yeah… pretty much all the Petit Comic manga that I’ve been summarizing, lol, with the exception of Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de… I’m kind of bored with that manga.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep buying Petit Comic magazine going forward. I’m waiting to see how the revamped Otakumole and Raffmanga sites will pan out.

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 complete

The Chapter 2 scanlation is finished, yay! Here’s a preview of the chapter.

I’ll start working on Mikazuki to Nagareboshi – Chapter 4 next. I won’t set a time frame, but you can go to the main Scanlations page to check on the progress. 🙂

Mystery chapter revealed!

Here is the scanlation of Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii, Chapter 7 (final chapter)! I translated all but one chapter on Mangalator, so Ceecile sent me the raws for Chapter 7 (thanks Ceecile!). I wasn’t planning to finish it so fast, but the pages were really easy to clean and there was very little dialogue to translate. 🙂 However, please don’t get used to this kind of quick turnaround, lol, because most manga take a lot more time to scanlate.

Anyway, please enjoy the final chapter of this series. It was a quick story, but cute… plus both guys are ikemen. 😉 Thanks again to Ceecile for providing the raws!

Edited: Oops, I didn’t mean to include the entire chapter in this post, but I got a little excited about releasing it, lol. I just fixed it, so only a few pages are shown here. You can find the entire chapter under Scanlations – Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii.

I guess it’s goodbye… to Mangalator

Well, I’m sure most of the frequent readers of Mangalator/Otakumole are now aware that Raff was forced to pull the scans from the site. She didn’t give a clear explanation on why she had to pull them, but it definitely doesn’t sound like it was something she wanted to do. Raff was kind enough to keep the translations intact (at least for now), so I am really trying to save as many of my translations as I can before they disappear for good. I should have worked harder when the site first came back up a few weeks ago, but I got busy translating chapters again, lol. Oh well, I will do my best now.

A quick update on the Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 scanlation status… I started to translate and typeset the chapter over the weekend, but then this whole situation with Mangalator hit on Sunday afternoon so I got sidetracked with the impact from that. Ceecile was kind enough to share scans for a couple of manga series that I was translating there, so I will be scanlating them (two different chapters) as well. I’m actually putting Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 on hold for a few days, while I finish one of the chapters. I won’t spoil the surprise on which chapter it is, though. 😉 So, the scanlation order is:

  1. Mystery Chapter
  2. Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2
  3. Mikazuki to Nagareboshi – Chapter 4
  4. Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 3 (final chapter)
  5. Hatsukoi wa Kanawanai – Chapter 1 (another Yamada Komomo manga)

I think this will keep me busy for a while, lol. Although now that I will no longer be translating on Mangalator, I will have more time again (well, once I finish saving my Mangalator translations), so hopefully I can speed up the process a bit.

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 status

Hello… I finally got done cleaning the pages for Chapter 2 yesterday, so I will start on the translations and typesetting. Unfortunately my initial goal of 2 – 3 weeks per chapter will have to be revised to 3 – 4 weeks per chapter, so basically I’ll try to release one chapter per month. I’ll post updates on the Scanlations page, so please go there if you are curious about the current status.

I’m sorry that I cannot work any faster on my scanlation projects, but I keep pretty busy with Mangalator (although I still plan to cut down on manga there once the current series end), two scanlation groups (freelance work for a Spanish fansub and dedicated work for a wonderful group who is just starting out), and otome game scripts. And now that Mangalator is back up (as Otakumole), I’ve been slowly copying my completed translations to text files.

I also bought a digital piano… couldn’t afford an upright one, plus not enough space. I used to take lessons as a kid, so I wanted to learn to play again. So anyway, between work, housework, homework (my son, not mine, lol), translation projects, and now piano practice, my free time to work on scanlations is pretty limited.

Back from vacation

I just got back from vacation a couple of days ago, so I’m planning to start on Chapter 2 of Asa Made Kimi to. 🙂 I wasn’t able to get online much during my vacation because we had spotty internet and cell service during the first half of our vacation and then the second half, we were too busy sightseeing. I managed to translate a few chapters on Mangalator, but that’s it… I even resorted to using my phone to translate sometimes, lol.

I’m going to try and stick to the 2 – 3 week timeframe for scanlating the chapter, but I am a little busy with assisting two groups with translations as well as script translation for an otome game. However, Mangalator is down right now, so that actually helps me since I’m usually busy translating manga there.  I hope it does come back online so people can enjoy reading the manga that the translators work so hard on there, but for now, I’ll use the break to work on other things.

Thanks for your patience on waiting for the next chapter release of Asa Made Kimi to. I wish I had more free time during the day to work on the manga, but as it stands now, I don’t have enough free time to even play the otome games that I have… and I really want to play them, lol.

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 1

Yay, it’s finished! Phew, lol. It’s a lot of work to scanlate a chapter, but also pretty fun. 🙂 I added a new menu item, Scanlations, so you can select from the list of completed scanlations or click on this link: Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 1. I will try to finish a chapter every 2 – 3 weeks or so, but I may get delayed due to real life stuff.

I tried to proofread and catch any mistakes, but if you see something that seems off, let me know and I can fix it, thanks.

Here’s a quick peek at a few pages!

Asa Made Kimi to… teaser

Here’s a quick teaser on my little side project that I’m working on! 🙂 I decided to scanlate some of Yamada Komomo’s earlier manga series, because I noticed that no scanlation groups have picked them up. I’m starting with Asa Made Kimi to… it will be easy to translate since I already summarized it. My plan is to release a new chapter every couple of weeks or so, but if not, I appreciate your patience since I’m a one-person shop, lol. Also, since I’m doing it all by myself, the final output will probably not be as nicely done as the scanlation groups, who have people assigned to do the different work (scanning, translating, cleaning, proofreading, typesetting, and QA).

A few quick notes about my scanlation project:

  • Please don’t ask me for the raw scans of the manga. If you want the raw scans, please purchase the manga yourself (see Stores for information on where to buy print or digital manga).
  • If you are interested in using my translation to re-translate into another language, please contact me first, thanks!
  • I know that the size of the images is a little on the smaller side, but I believe that you can still read the text properly. To view the slideshow, click on one of the images. If the text is still a little hard to read, click on the full screen to view the image directly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the teaser! I’ll try to finish the rest of Chapter 1 in a week or so.


Calling All Yamada Komomo Fans!

Yamada-sensei’s new manga series, Zettai Toudou, started this month in Petit Comic… yay!!! You can see the raws scans and translation of Chapter 1 on Mangalator. I was so excited that I translated it on the first day it was posted, lol.

The story has a different twist than Yamada-sensei’s usual MO… I don’t want to spoil it and say anything more here, but I guess some people may not be comfortable with the story line. Personally, it doesn’t bother me in the world of manga. Of course, real life is different. Anyway, I like Yamada-sensei’s stories because they are usually on the sweet side with not too much drama. 🙂

I am working on a surprise concerning Yamada-sensei’s earlier manga series… I was hoping to show it by the end of the month, but it will probably be sometime in early to mid-June. It’s just my own little project that I’ve been thinking about doing for some time now.

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