It’s that time again!

I received my Amazon Japan order today with the March Petit Comic and Petit Comic Zoukan winter edition. Yes, Petit Comic is my favorite josei magazine. 🙂 Two new series started in the March issue, Love Tore by Yokoyama Mayumi and Nisekon by Yasu Takeko. Both look like fun stories, but I am especially excited about Nisekon! Main character wins 10M yen in a lottery, gets drunk at the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, and ends up “buying” a husband, who happens to be a friend of the groom. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the main guy is a total ikemen, lol.

Petit Comic March 2016

Petit Comic March 2016

Anyway, I uploaded some pictures of Totsuzen, Battle 23 on the Totsuzen page here. I apologize for the single page pictures, but it was difficult to take photos of two-page layouts since the chapter was towards the end of the magazine and the magazine wouldn’t lay flat.


Yay for Amazon Japan

Even though shipping costs are a bit expensive, it’s hard to beat Amazon Japan’s delivery times. My order shipped on October 8th and it arrived promptly today on October 12th, so not counting weekend days, it took only three business days. This is the third order that I’ve placed with Amazon Japan and they consistently maintain fast delivery times. 🙂

November Issue of Petit Comic

November Issue of Petit Comic

My order this month consisted of the November issue of Petit Comic and two light novels. I decided to keep purchasing Petit Comic for the time being, since most of the manga series that I follow are in that magazine. I posted some raws of Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – Battle 19 to give people a quick sneak peek… go to the Totsuzen page to see the images! I’ll also try to get a head start on translating the chapter, before it gets posted on Otakumole. I believe Raff orders from Amazon Japan as well, so she will probably get the magazine soon (but she does buy a ton of magazines, compared to my measly one magazine, lol).

Signs of life

Well, after almost one week of no updates, it appears that the former Mangalator is showing a small sign of life… the site admin’s FB page was finally updated with this image. At first people were confused and thought the FB page was hacked, but someone found this message in the source code: “I’m going back. Stay tuned!”. A bit clever. 😉

I am glad that it appears there will be a Mangalator, version 2, or whatever it will be called. However, short of the admin not being able to access the internet for the whole week, I think it would have been nice if he/she had provided an update sooner which would have alleviated a lot of drama. People were upset and arguing on FB about the possible reasons for the site disappearing. Since no one seems to know what really happened, other than the site owner, I’ll just go with the thought that he/she was incapable of providing a status update for whatever reason.

As for the new or revised site, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach… will the site provide only raw scans and no translations? If there is translation capability, what about the translations from Mangalator? Were they saved? Will they be available on the new site? I really hope so, because a lot of hours went into those translations. If none of the translations were saved and the new site is set up the same way, then I’m probably going to focus on just a couple of josei series, instead of all 11 manga series that I was working on at Mangalator. I’ll let the young, eager translators compete over who can translate manga faster, lol. Going on vacation for 16 days and the site disappearing for a week made me realize how much of my free time I was spending there… it was too much.

Geez… not again

Another rant… sorry.

It happened again on Mangalator… but this time, I even sent the Chapter 1 raws to the site admin, since the manga series was missing both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. I posted comments about translating the series, as well as sending the Chapter 1 raws, but once again, someone rudely jumps in without bothering to take a couple of minutes to read the comments first.

I got chastised by a reader who thought that I was being rude to the other translator for pointing out that they were rude about jumping in first to translate. Sure, I could have been more polite about it, but the direct approach seems to be more effective. I’ve tried polite before.

Anyway, I have the raws for Chapter 1 and 2 of a different manga series, but I think I’ll just scanlate them here myself.

I’m leaning towards less involvement on Mangalator as the current manga series that I’m translating wrap up. Then I’ll have less stress and more time to work on my own scanlation projects. 🙂

It’s been awhile…

I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with things lately… just been busy with lots of translation projects (manga and visual novel) and work. I’m still playing Oumagatoki and hope to be finally finished with it sometime next week. Also, the Japanese summary of L-DK Chapter 42 is posted on the Happy Dream Time blog, so I will be working on that soon.

I received an order from honto a couple of days ago… so happy! The order included: Betsucomi (September issue), Aoharaido 4, Aoharaido light novel 2, Chistose etc. 6, two Heart no Kuni light novels, Yoshiwara Hana Oboro 2, and Hirunaka no Ryuusei 3. I decided to start buying Betsucomi, after much deliberation on which manga magazine to get. I really don’t know when I’m going to find the time to read all of this though, lol.

Honto order - September 2012

Adding to my favorite mangaka list

I keep discovering more mangaka to add to my favorites list… at this rate, I’m going to have to watch what I spend each month on manga, lol. Here are the names:

• Miyazono Izumi: I start reading her works when I subscribed to Petit Comic last year. I’m not a fan of her earlier works, but I like the artwork in her recent works, so I’m planning to buy a couple of her manga, Dare nimo Ienai Yoru o Ageru and Kinyoku no Hiru to Kanbi na Yoru. Her newest work, Renai Caffeine, looks good too.

• Mitsuki Miko: I bought Koi, Hirari last year and really liked the artwork… story was cute too. I just ordered the three volumes of Mitsu Aji Blood. Her main guy characters are definitely tsundere.

• Kouchi Kaede: The mangaka for Love So Life… cute story and artwork. The only other work that I’m aware of by this mangaka is a Christmas anthology. Definitely will be keeping an eye on this mangaka.

Hair Color

Just something I noticed in the manga that I’ve read so far between dark and light hair guy characters… the guy with dark hair is usually more serious, earnest, and studious, while the guy with light hair is more carefree, funny, and somewhat of a playboy. It’s probably due to the typical Japanese image (reserved) vs. the typical Western image (boisterous). Personally, I prefer the dark-haired guy in the manga. Another thing that I noticed is that if there’s a love triangle involving both guys with dark and light hair, it seems like the main girl character ends up the dark-haired guy. Even when the dark-haired guy is the happy-go-lucky one, he gets the girl. But not always though, and there are times when the light-haired guy gets the girl, too.

Let’s talk about height

I’ve always been partial to tall guys, like 6 ft tall and up, in manga, movies, and real life… not that I’m tall myself… I’m barely 5 ft 3 in. I’ve actually avoided reading manga where the main guy is really short… so bad of me, I know. However, things have changed a little after I started reading Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou). According to the Japanese version, Dojo is 165 cm, which makes him 5 ft 6 in, not 5 ft 4 in in the English version. Come on guys, give him the couple of inches! He’s short compared to Iku (she’s a couple inches taller), but I think he’s very attractive. 🙂 Ren-kun from Strobe Edge is still my favorite male character, but Dojo is second. So there you have it! I will no longer skip manga that have short guys.

Library Wars, Volume 5 – 7

Just finished reading through volume 7 last night… love this manga… it’s funny, interesting, and the artwork is really nice! If you haven’t read this manga yet, I highly recommend it. 🙂 Can’t wait to read volume 8, which has already been released in Japan… waiting for the English version is so hard… it’s not going to be released until September 4, 2012… gah! Too long to wait. *sigh* I’m going to pre-order it, so I can get it as soon as it comes out.

Library Wars, Volume 6

Just saw a message on my phone, showing that I had a package from Amazon sitting in my mailbox all day… volume 6 of Library Wars! But volume 5 has not arrived yet… what to do… I guess I will be good and not read volume 6 before volume 5. *sigh*

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