Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka

Manga status: On-going (Final chapter is 10)
Mangaka: Fujiwara Yoshiko

Chapter 10 sneak peak:

Chapter 8 summary:

The art students are getting ready for the art exhibition tomorrow, after working thru the summer. While Subaru and her friend, Hiromi, attempt to move a huge sculpture, Hiromi asks Subaru if her parents are coming to the exhibition. Subaru replies that they are, but jokes that maybe her mom just wants to go on a date, since she and the step-dad are newlyweds. Hiromi laughs and then asks if Kiritani will also be coming. Subaru turns beet red and recalls the events from the other day, her birthday, which turned out to be Kiritani’s birthday as well. They fought, but as a result, she discovered that the always nonchalant Kiritani also gets worried, lonely, and really irritable. She feels like by learning one thing about him, they’ve gotten one step closer. They also talked about the exhibition, and he told her he will attend because he wants to check on whether her scope of creativity has expanded. Subaru is brought back to the present by Hiromi shaking her and asking why she’s so red. Subaru replies that Hiromi’s boyfriend will be coming, too. The other art students are surprised to hear that Subaru has a real boyfriend and not one made of clay. Subaru is insulted and tries to explain that he’s in the Law department. They continue to give her a hard time until the professor puts a stop to it. All the students get back to work and the huge sculpture almost falls on Subaru.

Subaru limps up the stairs to her apartment. She twisted her leg when they moved the huge sculpture. Kiritani is waiting for her and tells her that it’s late. She replies that bringing in the artwork went on forever. Kiritani looks somewhat annoyed and complains about art students being away from home so much. While Subaru listens to his complaints, she can’t help but feel happy by his irritable attitude. Kiritani wants to know why she is smiling, and she denies that she is. The next day at the exhibition, several students cause a commotion over a hot guy at the reception desk. The professor approaches the guy, asking him if he’s interested in modeling. When the guy turns it down, Subaru sees that it’s Kiritani and they smile at each other. Just as she’s about to grab his hand and introduce him to the other students, she hears her mom’s voice. Subaru quickly lets go of Kiritani and greets her mom. Her mom says hello to the professor and the other students, and then asks Subaru who Kiritani is. Subaru turns red, stutters, and finally introduces him as her neighbor in the apartment next door. She thinks that her mom will keel over if she admits that he’s actually her boyfriend who lives next door. The other female students ask Subaru to introduce them later.

When Subaru’s mom asks her to show them around, Kiritani also asks if he can join them, since he doesn’t know anything about art. Subaru is nervous as they walk around the exhibits together. They stop in front of the huge sculpture that Hiromi created. Her parents are impressed. As Subaru explains how to make a sculpture out of clay, Kiritani leans over her and gently taps his chin on her head, which flusters her. Subaru’s mom then starts talking about how Subaru loved to draw and create things ever since she was little, making a mess and a lot of noise. Subaru is embarrassed by her mom’s stories. Subaru’s mom remembers those days fondly and feels somewhat sad that Subaru has become an adult. Whispering, Kiritani asks Subaru about her leg and she tells him that she twisted it, so he says that she can lean on him. Subaru is happy and would like to remember this scene forever.

At the end of the tour, Subaru’s mom suggests that she stay over at Subaru’s place. They can hang out and catch up. Subaru replies that her place is too messy, so her mom should go on a date with her step-dad before going home. Subaru wants the two of them to create new stories together. Her mom is disappointed but gives her a package and leaves. Kiritani asks her if she’s okay like this. Saying that her mom is treating her like a child, Subaru says that she is fine, but when she opens the package of sauteed burdock root, she starts to cry. She recalls her mom’s words about being somewhat sad and actually wants to hold on to her hand forever. Kiritani tells Hiromi that he’s going to borrow Subaru for a bit, lifts her up, and runs after her parents while carrying her over his shoulder. When they catch up to her parents, Subaru thanks her mom for the burdock root but says that fried chicken would have been better. Kiritani snickers at that comment. Her mom asks if she can visit again, and Subaru tells her that she can. Subaru plans to properly introduce her boyfriend next time. As they walk away, her step-dad mentions that he’s glad Subaru has someone to rely on, but her mom is clueless. Kiritani carries Subaru on his back as they go home. Subaru thanks him and asks what he thought of her artwork. He sidesteps her question and tells her that he’s starving and can’t wait to eat her mom’s burdock root.

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