Sakisaka Io

Sakisaka Io’s popular manga are Strobe Edge and Aoharaido.

She is a shoujo mangaka and her works are featured in Bessatsu Margaret (Betsuma). I think Strobe Edge is my favorite manga out of all the manga I’ve read so far (and it’s a lot, lol). It’s a sweet story and the relationship between the main characters takes a long time to build. I like the fact that the main female character, Ninako, wasn’t overly pretty or cute, and not that dumb. The cute, but dumb girl, portrayal gets a little tiring. Ren-kun, of course, is dreamy. 🙂 Handsome, smart, and kind, he’s a quiet guy until one gets to know him. The way he acts around/responds to Ninako is really cute. I started to read the English translated version online, then I switched to the Japanese version. Now I’m reading the novels… yes, I’m crazy about this manga.

Aoharaido is also a very good story. I like the main characters, Futaba and Kou, not quite as much as Ninako and Ren though. However, Kou’s character does seem more real than Ren (probably because Ren is nearly perfect, lol, and Kou has some flaws). The relationship between Futaba and Kou moves at a faster pace, which is good if you’re looking for a little more action. 🙂

Strobe Edge
10 volumes; 4 novels; 2 drama CDs.
Serialized in Betsuma, 2007-2010.


A sweet, but slightly painful, slow-moving story about one-sided loves and first loves. Ninako, a cheerful 15 year old girl, falls in love with Ren, the school’s most popular guy, but Ren already has a long-time girlfriend.

Ao Haru Ride (Aoharaido)
13 volumes; 4 novels; complete
Serialized in Betsuma, 2011-2015


A heartwarming story about the possibility of second chances. In junior high school, Futaba and Kou liked each other, but before anything could happen, Kou suddenly transfers schools. Three years later, they are at the same high school, but things have changed. Futaba tries to get to know the new Kou but he’s not making it easy.


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