Watanabe Ayu

Watanabe Ayu’s popular manga include: L-DK and Kimi ga Suki.

She is a shoujo mangaka and has a lot of published works (at least 20) but a lot of them are anthologies with other authors. The main reason why I added her to my list of favorite mangaka is because of the manga, L-DK, which is currently being serialized in Bessatsu Friend (Betsufure). I really like this manga for some reason. The art is pretty and the story, while cliche’ (boy and girl live in same apartment but aren’t dating… yet), is fun. I thought that L-DK was heading towards the end of its storyline (based on the most recent volume I bought), but it’s hard to say… Watanabe-sensei might continue on for a few more volumes. If so, yay! If not, I look forward to seeing what she writes next.


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