Midara na Nettaigyo

Manga status: On-going (current chapter is 22)
Mangaka: Fujiwara Yoshiko

Chapter 13 summary (scans from Ceecile):

Hinako and Kei meet up to go on their trip to Hakone, but Hinako surprises Kei by cancelling at the last minute. Kei says that it’s fine but wants to know if something urgent came up. Hinako looks away and Kei senses that she’s not in a good mood. Hinako explains that Eri went on a trip… to Hakone this morning, and she asked for Hinako’s opinion about her outfit. Hinako surmises that Eri went to Hakone with Kanou and accuses Kei of asking her to go with him when he knew that Eri and Kanou were going there together. She tells Kei that even if they see Eri and Kanou by chance, it will look forced because she has the same tickets as Eri. She also tells him that she knows he likes Eri but pretended that she didn’t up until now and that it doesn’t feel good to be used as a cover. She wants to know what he would do by chasing after them. If he plans to interfere, she won’t go. She continues on, telling him that Eri left the house looking really happy. Kei interrupts her and says that he knows. He realizes that it’s all in vain and can’t figure why he’s doing it. He looks desperate as he tells Hinako that he’s not sure what he would do when he goes to Hakone, but he didn’t want to sit around and do nothing. He bows deeply and apologizes to Hinako for doing such a rude thing. Hinako feels somewhat embarrassed and replies that she also said a little too much. Suddenly, Kei’s phone rings. When he answers it, Katou-san from Petit-magazine is on the phone. Katou-san tells him that she just got a call from Shiina-sensei in the Editorial Department, who wants the article revised at this late hour. Kei understands. Katou-san mentions that she tried to get a hold of Kanou, but he’s out of range. She tells him that she doesn’t know where he’s at, so she’s going to try and call again. However, Kei stops her, stating that he knows and will definitely contact Kanou.

Kanou and Eri are embracing in the gondola. Eri pulls back and asks him if he really meant it when he said that he loves her. She tears up and tells him that it’s the first time he called her by her first name. She wants him to say it again… and he calls her, Kurage. She smacks him a bit, but they both end up laughing. When they check into the hotel, the front desk clerk confirms Eri’s reservation for two rooms. Just as Eri is about to sign the form, Kanou tells the clerk that they would like to cancel one of the rooms and they plan to share one room. Kanou glances at her and Eri blushes with her heart racing. She’s been hoping ever since she fell in love with him that he wanted to embrace her that summer because he liked her. In the room, they start to get all hot and heavy. Eri comments that Kanou is completely different from before and he says the same for her… then they are interrupted at a very intimate moment by Kanou’s phone. He tries to ignore it, but it keeps on ringing, so he picks it up. It’s Katou-san. She’s relieved that she was able to get a hold of him. He asks her if it’s (T/N: probably the magazine issue) is finished and if it was difficult at the printers. Eri is lying on the floor, watching Kanou talk on the phone. Kanou is shocked when Katou-san asks if Kei contacted him. He hangs up the phone and throws it down. Eri wants to know what’s going on and Kanou apologizes, stating that he has to go back to the office immediately. Eri replies that if there’s some kind of trouble, she’ll go back with him. However, he tells her to take her time and it’s not something that she has to help with. She notices that he’s back in work mode. Eri knows that since it’s for work, it can’t be helped, but she wonders if she’s the only one who doesn’t want to be apart for even a little bit. Kanou calls her name and drops a key in her hand. He wants to know if he’s the only one who wants to continue where they left off… He says that he’s not sure how long he has to work tomorrow, but he’s giving her a spare key to his place and will send her a message with his address later. Eri hugs him from behind and tells him that she will definitely go over to his place.

Kanou is back at Petit-magazine. He apologizes to Katou-san, saying that he got a voice mail from Shiina-sensei but nothing from Kei. He doesn’t know why or what Kei is doing. Katou-san also apologizes for letting Kei take care of things. Kei is standing with his back to Kanou and responds that he revised the manuscript and got the OK from Shiina-sensei, so all that’s left is to show it to Kanou. He turns his head and they both stare at each other. Hinako is sitting at a ramen stand, slurping up the noodles. She reflects on what happened earlier and admits to herself that she felt inclined to go to the hot springs with Kei, because she lost out on the Hurricane live tour and he was a substitute for Maya Atsu. She shouldn’t be mad about being used a cover. She recalls their conversation when Kei received the call from Katou-san. After he got off the phone, he laughed and told Hinako that he also won’t be going to the hot springs after all. He has work to do with Jinbo Publishing. As he walks off, Hinako asks him if it’s okay not to contact Kanou. He replies that Eri left the house looking really happy, right. Hinako wonders why she felt jealous of Eri after seeing Kei’s face at that time, even though she’s satisfied by just looking at his face which resembles Maya Atsu and knows that none of it is directed towards her. Eri nervously stands in front of Kanou’s apartment door. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow and returned from the hot springs. It’s the first time that she received a key from the person she loves. When she puts the key in the lock and opens the door, she hears footsteps and is surprised that he’s already home. However, Eri is shocked to see that it’s Narimura-san saying, “Welcome home, Yuusei”, at the door. Back to Kei and Kanou… Kei tells Kanou that he was thinking about sending Kanou a text to check the manuscript and that he was able to handle the trouble this time on his own, even though a certain person says that it must be Kanou. When Kanou asks him about that person, Kei replies that he loves Eri. Back to Eri… with her heart beating furiously, Eri stands in Kanou’s doorway, wondering why his former girlfriend is there. Narimura-san recognizes Eri as Kanou’s assistant and also wonders why she has a key. Eri, who knows that Kanou is definitely not a guy who wouldn’t be so irresponsible, firmly tells Narimura-san that she’s inviting herself in.

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