Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de

Manga status: On-going (current chapter is 6)
Mangaka: Kisaragi Hiiro

Chapter 6 summary:

While Ichika and Kitaoji kiss, Sano-san and another co-worker look for her. They turn off the light in the Reference Room and Ichika is relieved that they aren’t discovered until she realizes that Kitaoji undid the top buttons of her dress. She asks him what is he doing and he replies that’s the the normal flow of things. Shocked and embarrassed, Ichika jumps up and runs out of the room, calling Kitaoji a beast (again). As she strides down the hall, she’s furious and thinks that he’s a perverted prince to do something like that at the office. At home, Ichika is peeling potatoes, lost in thought. Ichika’s sister notices that she isn’t paying attention to the potatoes and asks if they really need that many (Ichika peeled a mountain of potatoes). Ichika’s sister is curious if something happened with the prince, so Ichika replies that she’s not really sure why with such a warped guy… Ichika’s sister perks up with stars in her eyes when she realizes that Ichika likes the prince and asks again what happened. Ichika tells her that she found an arranged married picture, and her sister makes a big deal about it, stating she’s afraid that she can’t write and that she’s finished as a writer. She also wonders what the outcome of the arranged marriage meeting will be.

At the office, Ichika asks Kitaoji about the arranged marriage. He tells her that he turned it down and he shouldn’t have to be influenced by what someone else wants. Ichika wants to know if he put that picture between the materials that she retrieved for him the other day and he admitted that, of course, he did it on purpose. Ichika is incensed over his sneaky behavior, but Kitaoji blows it off and mentions the email that she got about an English training session. The session is at 18:00 that night and Kitaoji tells her that she should attend. Ichika is surprised since it’s for the new management employees, but Kitaoji replies that the general staff can also take the training if they are interested. Ichika is disappointed that the deadline to sign up was yesterday. However, Kitaoji already went ahead and signed her up ahead of time. He explains that the training session will be more effective than studying at home. Ichika thanks him and takes the sign-up form. She is confused and wonders what is she to him.

Ichika meets Suzuki-san at a restaurant. Suzuki-san gives Ichika a souvenir from her overseas trip and says that she heard Ichika helped fill in while she was away. Ichika responded that it was preferable to have someone than no one at all, which was Kitaoji’s words to her. Suzuki-san laughs, telling her that she’s too humble and that Sano-san praised her about everything except her English skills. They talk about Suzuki-san’s trip and Ichika is surprised to hear that Suzuki-san went with her boyfriend. It turns out that Suzuki-san’s boyfriend is in the same department, but he’s stationed overseas so they don’t see each other often. Ichika asks how they started going out and Suzuki-san confesses that she was his assistant. Suzuki-san says that she thought she was the only one who was interested, so when he confessed to her, it really surprised her. Ichika mulls over the word, ‘confession’, and thinks that there is no such boundary like that between her and Kitaoji. She remembers what he told her, “I’ll make you like me”, “Because it’s amusing”, “It’s only a matter of time before you cave in”, and feels that Kitaoji doesn’t really like her. When Ichika and Suzuki-san return to the office, Kitaoji is surrounded by a group of female employees. Suzuki-san makes the comment that the “Heavenly Prince” won’t belong to anyone. Ichika doesn’t know what to do. Later, she calls home to let her sister know that she’ll be late because of the training session. Her sister asks about the arranged marriage outcome and Ichika responds that he turned it down, but she feels dumb for taking it seriously. Her sister say that it’s good to be direct like that, because Ichika has things that she’s concerned about. Ichika wonders how she can be more direct with him.

After the training session, she heads back to the Overseas Department and is surprised to find the place empty. Suddenly, the door opens and it’s Kitaoji. He was attending a training session on the 16th floor for Spanish and Chinese. They leave the office together. She mentions that it’s quite dark out and he says that it’s night time and she should be careful. When Ichika wonders why he would say that to her, he wants to know why. She thinks about what her sister told her and works up the courage to ask him about the other day in the Reference Room. He doesn’t understand why she’s asking about it. Ichika gets angry and asks why he ignores her feelings and does what he wants all the time. Kitaoji does the “kabe-don” move (hitting the wall with his fist) and wants to know why he has to ask before doing anything. He tells her that he’s not going to ask for consent to touch her each and every time. Ichika tries to push him away, telling him that she doesn’t belong to him. But he grabs her wrist and says that she does, before leaning in to try and kiss her. She struggles but believes that it is no use and she’s not getting through to him. So she asks if they are going out . He thinks it’s an absurd question, and she’s embarrassed. However, Kitaoji continues by saying that it’s kind of late to ask that because they are going out. He wonders what has she been thinking and she complains that he’s never said anything about it. They argue about why it’s necessary for him to actually say something and in the end, he tells her that she’s the one who doesn’t get it and that it’s unpleasant to be called a beast so many times. Ichika can see that going out with him in the future will be a struggle and a heavy burden with the other women in the office, so now would be the time to pull back. But it’s already too late for that. They kiss and then she starts to worry that they might be seen by someone when they reach the ground floor. Kitaoji tells her that it’s fine because she didn’t push the elevator button. She complains that he should have said something earlier, but he replies that it’s interesting being with her. She believes that it’s the start of a new ordeal.

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