Monthly summaries of Petit Comic magazine

It’s here! 🙂 My order that included the September issue of Petit Comic arrived today, yay! I placed the order last Friday on Amazon Japan and it arrived in three business days… that is so fast. 🙂 I love Petit Comic and follow a lot of the current series in the magazine.

Petit Comic magazine - September 2015

Petit Comic magazine – September 2015

Before Mangalator went down, I was translating five series from Petit Comic: Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu; Zettai Toudo, Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka; Midara na Nettaigyo; and Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de. I decided to post monthly summaries of the five series, along with a few pictures, for anyone who is interested in keeping up with them.

Please go to the Summaries page to find information on the current list of manga summaries. The main Summaries page will be the launching point for all the individual series. Since I’ll be adding chapter summaries randomly throughout the month, I won’t post every time a new summary is loaded… so please stop by occasionally to check on any updates.

Edited: I added a section on the right to show recent summary updates at a glance with links to the appropriate summary page. 🙂


Mystery chapter revealed!

Here is the scanlation of Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii, Chapter 7 (final chapter)! I translated all but one chapter on Mangalator, so Ceecile sent me the raws for Chapter 7 (thanks Ceecile!). I wasn’t planning to finish it so fast, but the pages were really easy to clean and there was very little dialogue to translate. 🙂 However, please don’t get used to this kind of quick turnaround, lol, because most manga take a lot more time to scanlate.

Anyway, please enjoy the final chapter of this series. It was a quick story, but cute… plus both guys are ikemen. 😉 Thanks again to Ceecile for providing the raws!

Edited: Oops, I didn’t mean to include the entire chapter in this post, but I got a little excited about releasing it, lol. I just fixed it, so only a few pages are shown here. You can find the entire chapter under Scanlations – Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii.

I guess it’s goodbye… to Mangalator

Well, I’m sure most of the frequent readers of Mangalator/Otakumole are now aware that Raff was forced to pull the scans from the site. She didn’t give a clear explanation on why she had to pull them, but it definitely doesn’t sound like it was something she wanted to do. Raff was kind enough to keep the translations intact (at least for now), so I am really trying to save as many of my translations as I can before they disappear for good. I should have worked harder when the site first came back up a few weeks ago, but I got busy translating chapters again, lol. Oh well, I will do my best now.

A quick update on the Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 scanlation status… I started to translate and typeset the chapter over the weekend, but then this whole situation with Mangalator hit on Sunday afternoon so I got sidetracked with the impact from that. Ceecile was kind enough to share scans for a couple of manga series that I was translating there, so I will be scanlating them (two different chapters) as well. I’m actually putting Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 on hold for a few days, while I finish one of the chapters. I won’t spoil the surprise on which chapter it is, though. 😉 So, the scanlation order is:

  1. Mystery Chapter
  2. Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2
  3. Mikazuki to Nagareboshi – Chapter 4
  4. Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 3 (final chapter)
  5. Hatsukoi wa Kanawanai – Chapter 1 (another Yamada Komomo manga)

I think this will keep me busy for a while, lol. Although now that I will no longer be translating on Mangalator, I will have more time again (well, once I finish saving my Mangalator translations), so hopefully I can speed up the process a bit.

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 2 status

Hello… I finally got done cleaning the pages for Chapter 2 yesterday, so I will start on the translations and typesetting. Unfortunately my initial goal of 2 – 3 weeks per chapter will have to be revised to 3 – 4 weeks per chapter, so basically I’ll try to release one chapter per month. I’ll post updates on the Scanlations page, so please go there if you are curious about the current status.

I’m sorry that I cannot work any faster on my scanlation projects, but I keep pretty busy with Mangalator (although I still plan to cut down on manga there once the current series end), two scanlation groups (freelance work for a Spanish fansub and dedicated work for a wonderful group who is just starting out), and otome game scripts. And now that Mangalator is back up (as Otakumole), I’ve been slowly copying my completed translations to text files.

I also bought a digital piano… couldn’t afford an upright one, plus not enough space. I used to take lessons as a kid, so I wanted to learn to play again. So anyway, between work, housework, homework (my son, not mine, lol), translation projects, and now piano practice, my free time to work on scanlations is pretty limited.

Signs of life

Well, after almost one week of no updates, it appears that the former Mangalator is showing a small sign of life… the site admin’s FB page was finally updated with this image. At first people were confused and thought the FB page was hacked, but someone found this message in the source code: “I’m going back. Stay tuned!”. A bit clever. 😉

I am glad that it appears there will be a Mangalator, version 2, or whatever it will be called. However, short of the admin not being able to access the internet for the whole week, I think it would have been nice if he/she had provided an update sooner which would have alleviated a lot of drama. People were upset and arguing on FB about the possible reasons for the site disappearing. Since no one seems to know what really happened, other than the site owner, I’ll just go with the thought that he/she was incapable of providing a status update for whatever reason.

As for the new or revised site, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach… will the site provide only raw scans and no translations? If there is translation capability, what about the translations from Mangalator? Were they saved? Will they be available on the new site? I really hope so, because a lot of hours went into those translations. If none of the translations were saved and the new site is set up the same way, then I’m probably going to focus on just a couple of josei series, instead of all 11 manga series that I was working on at Mangalator. I’ll let the young, eager translators compete over who can translate manga faster, lol. Going on vacation for 16 days and the site disappearing for a week made me realize how much of my free time I was spending there… it was too much.

Back from vacation

I just got back from vacation a couple of days ago, so I’m planning to start on Chapter 2 of Asa Made Kimi to. 🙂 I wasn’t able to get online much during my vacation because we had spotty internet and cell service during the first half of our vacation and then the second half, we were too busy sightseeing. I managed to translate a few chapters on Mangalator, but that’s it… I even resorted to using my phone to translate sometimes, lol.

I’m going to try and stick to the 2 – 3 week timeframe for scanlating the chapter, but I am a little busy with assisting two groups with translations as well as script translation for an otome game. However, Mangalator is down right now, so that actually helps me since I’m usually busy translating manga there.  I hope it does come back online so people can enjoy reading the manga that the translators work so hard on there, but for now, I’ll use the break to work on other things.

Thanks for your patience on waiting for the next chapter release of Asa Made Kimi to. I wish I had more free time during the day to work on the manga, but as it stands now, I don’t have enough free time to even play the otome games that I have… and I really want to play them, lol.

Wow… 50% Off Coupon at honto

honto is really pushing the digital books coupons lately… or maybe it’s because I buy so many of them, lol 😉 Anyway, I used a 30% off coupon on digital comics the other day, and today I received a 50% off coupon on all digital comics, books, and magazines! Yay! It’s only good for four days though, through 11:59 PM on June 28th, Japan time.

Check out this coupon!

Check out this coupon!

So, hurry and check your email, if you are a regular honto customer… you don’t want to miss out on this special deal! 50% off is a rare thing.

Geez… not again

Another rant… sorry.

It happened again on Mangalator… but this time, I even sent the Chapter 1 raws to the site admin, since the manga series was missing both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. I posted comments about translating the series, as well as sending the Chapter 1 raws, but once again, someone rudely jumps in without bothering to take a couple of minutes to read the comments first.

I got chastised by a reader who thought that I was being rude to the other translator for pointing out that they were rude about jumping in first to translate. Sure, I could have been more polite about it, but the direct approach seems to be more effective. I’ve tried polite before.

Anyway, I have the raws for Chapter 1 and 2 of a different manga series, but I think I’ll just scanlate them here myself.

I’m leaning towards less involvement on Mangalator as the current manga series that I’m translating wrap up. Then I’ll have less stress and more time to work on my own scanlation projects. 🙂

Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 1

Yay, it’s finished! Phew, lol. It’s a lot of work to scanlate a chapter, but also pretty fun. 🙂 I added a new menu item, Scanlations, so you can select from the list of completed scanlations or click on this link: Asa Made Kimi to – Chapter 1. I will try to finish a chapter every 2 – 3 weeks or so, but I may get delayed due to real life stuff.

I tried to proofread and catch any mistakes, but if you see something that seems off, let me know and I can fix it, thanks.

Here’s a quick peek at a few pages!

Rant… and then Bliss

I’ve been translating a lot of manga on Mangalator lately, about 8-9 different series. I normally enjoy it because I can focus on the manga that I’m interested in. However, recently there have been a few cases where someone new jumps in and translates the chapter that I was working on before I can finish it, even after I said that I’m currently translating it. It’s frustrating because it’s a waste of my time to work on a translation for a couple of hours and then stop. I don’t understand why people lack the common sense or courtesy to check on whether a manga is already being worked on. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing to translate manga there, but I don’t want to let the readers down (and the fansubs that use my translations). So I’ll continue for now, but if this kind of thing happens more and more, then I’ll probably rethink my decision.

So… while I was feeling a bit annoyed because of this latest incident, I received a package in the mail from CD Japan. It’s my Sakisaka Io Illustrations book (for Aoharaido and Strobe Edge)! Talk about good timing! My mood went from sour to happy in an instant, lol.

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations... kyaaa

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations… kyaaa

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