Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu

Manga status: On-going (current chapter is 23)
Mangaka: Miyazono Izumi

Chapter 23 sneak peek

Chapter 22 sneak peek

Chapter 21 sneak peek

Chapter 19 sneak peek

Chapter 18 Summary (Summary provided by trans)

Battle 18 Summary:

Someone has sold a picture of Nanami carrying Asuka to the tabloids and thus Nanami is in hot water with his bosses. In order to not cause trouble to Asuka and the TV station, Nanami decides to lay low and not see Asuka for a while. Mikami agrees to help in damage control but chides Nanami for being so careless in such a public location. Mikami’s parting shot to Nanami about treating his girlfriend better leaves Nanami confused as he is unsure of how he should really treat Asuka.

The scene changes to Asuka, who is aware of the commotion the photograph has caused and mentally berates herself for not being careful. That night, Nanami calls her up and asks if Asuka’s being tailed by anyone or facing any kind of trouble because of the photograph. However, Asuka is quite confident that no one will be able to recognise her because the photograph isn’t clear. Nanami sighs and apologises to Asuka for the trouble. Asuka chides him for rushing out that night suddenly, which causes Nanami to retort that it was all because of him. Asuka doesn’t understand who Nanami is referring to, so she presses him for clarification. Nanami finally reveals that he knows about Kamiya’s proposal. Shocked, Asuka quickly tells Nanami that she has rejected the proposal, and that the one she loves is Nanami. Nanami is mollified somewhat, but Asuka’s usage of his surname irritates him. Fast-thinking Asuka retorts that Nanami can always propose to her instead of he’s so upset by Kamiya’s proposal, but Nanami wonders outloud if that day will ever come. His admission renders Asuka speechless momentarily, but Nanami’s next sentence about how he really wants to see her now mollifies her. They end up squabbling but both are connected by strong wish to see each other again as soon as the commotion blows over.

The next day, Nanami is at a radio station to tape a show as a guest MC with a female DJ called Ran, and the staff of the radio show try to prod Nanami for more information about the picture and about his girlfriend. The radio show’s staff even wonder if Ran is the girl in the picture and start teasing both Ran and Nanami. However, to everyone’s surprise, Nanami pleads with everyone to not use this as a talking point on the radio show. The staff readily agree and Ran reminds Nanami that he has to provide another topic that’ll surpass this juicy one. When Ran and Nanami are alone in the studio, Ran casually quizzes Nanami on his refusal to let her in on the details of his lovelife, and we learn from this exchange that Nanami and Ran have been in a relationship previously.

Meanwhile, we also learn that Asuka’s facing some problems in her new role at the bank. Just after Asuka sends off a couple who’re considering where to get a home loan from, Kamiya appears in front of her, and gives her some good advice on how she should use her knowledge from her previous role to help her secure clients in her new job. Asuka thanks Kamiya for his advice and in the next scene, the 2 of them are walking down a busy street (that closely resembles the area around Shibuya Station) where a big digital screen is screening some commercials. The 2 of them have probably continued their business chat and Kamiya comments that anyone who has seen Asuka at work will be left speechless if they were to find out that Asuka’s dream is to become a housewife. Asuka retorts by telling Kamiya that other people might think differently, but she’ll stick to her own ideals. Kamiya smiles at Asuka’s retort and muses that he still wants her. Startled, Asuka turns around to look at Kamiya, but her attention is taken away by the appearance of Nanami and Sakura on the large display. Asuka watches the commercial, and starts to recollect what Nanami told her about his feelings towards Sakura and their affair. She forgets that Kamiya is next to her, and muses wistfully that “Ryu, I didn’t hear anything about this…” Kamiya is stunned to hear the name Ryu and presses Asuka about whether her boyfriend is Nanami Ryu or not. Asuka is left momentarily shocked, but she recovers her composure quickly and tells Kamiya that he’s wrong. Asuka quickly takes her leave of Kamiya who initially wants to stop her but retracts the hand that’s about to grab her arm, and disappears into the large crowd of people at the busy intersection.

Chapter 17 Summary: (Summary provided by trans)

Totsuzen Battle 17 Spoilers:

Nanami’s trying to get Asuka to call him by name, but Asuka absolutely refuses and even tries to avoid letting him touch her because she’s embarrassed that she’s gained weight recently. Her behaviour naturally puzzles Nanami, and while mulling over Asuka’s strange behaviour, Nanami runs into Kamiya at the station. Kamiya is at the station to appear as a guest on some finance-related programme (after much pleading by the director) and he wonders if Nanami actually remembers interviewing him a while back. Naturally, Nanami replies that he does indeed remember the interview and asks after Kamiya’s girlfriend. Kamiya shocks Nanami by replying that he proposed marriage to his girlfriend. Kamiya is taken aback by Nanami’s response initially but continues on to prattle on about how his girlfriend really matches his ideals and that he will continue to try to change her mind about his proposal. Nanami is quite certain that Kamiya’s proposal target is Asuka, which of course sours his mood. Upon reaching Asuka’s home, Nanami embraces Asuka and tries to broach the topic of her weird behaviour but Asuka’s action of calling him by his surname somehow makes him change his mind and he blurts out that he’s met Kamiya at the station. Asuka is of course shocked that Nanami ran into Kamiya but at the mention of how Kamiya is appearing on the said finance-related programme which happens to be airing on TV right that moment, Asuka runs out of Nanami’s embrace to turn on the TV excitedly. Her eagerness to watch the programme irritates Nanami, and he starts to kiss her while Kamiya can be heard talking about financial planning for life on TV. Asuka tries to reject Nanami’s advances by saying that Kamiya is …(she’s probably trying to say that Kamiya is on TV so let her finish the programme but as usual the Japanese here is unclear about her actual meaning) Nanami doesn’t stop touching her and tells her so what? However, when Asuka tells Nanami not to touch her and that she has something to tell him, he storms off out of the apartment.

Nanami starts to question whether he can really let Asuka go, to either Kamiya or anyone else. Suddenly Asuka appears and covers his shoulders with his coat and his scarf, reprimanding him for walking out in the snow without a coat or scarf. However, Nanami shrugs off the coat and wraps it around her since she’s forgotten her own coat in her haste. Asuka blushes but tells Nanami not to touch her as she’s gained some weight. Nanami is literally shell-shocked at her reason for not allowing him to touch her, so he sweeps Asuka off her feet and carries her back to her apartment, vowing to continue touching her everywhere. He also finally manages to get an embarrassed Asuka to call him by name.

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