Zettai Toudo

Manga status: On-going (current chapter is 5)
Mangaka: Yamada Komomo
Magazine: Petit Comic

Chapter 5 Summary: 

Minato is lying on the floor, with Haru on his hands and knees hovering over her. Blushing and nervous, Minato still won’t answer his question on whether she likes him. With her heart pounding frantically, she thinks to herself that she does like him but she can’t say anything because if she does, then their relationship will begin. Haru leans in to kiss her on the head and pleads with her to say something. He blushes and looks worried. When Minato gazes into his eyes, she starts to cry and tells him that they are just too different, in age and the world around them. She stops speaking and Haru looks frustrated. He retorts that it serves her right. She’s worried about him, so now she understands a little bit about how he feels and he won’t apologize for that. He wants her to worry more, to completely fill her head with thoughts of him. She keeps thinking to herself that she likes him, so when he tells her that he likes her, she finally replies back that she likes him as well. Haru looks surprised that she admitted it and then they kiss. Breaking apart, they both sit up and blush furiously. He informs her that he will be her provisional boyfriend for the time being. Minato is shocked by the word, provisional, but Haru explains that since he’s still 17, if anything happens, Minato will be the one who will take the full blame. He asks her to wait for him until he turns 18. Minato is a bit perplexed by his words and wonders what really happened the night they spent together (refer back to Chapter 1). Looking wistful and sporting a slight blush on her cheek, she wonders if she will be able to wait. Haru remarks that she shouldn’t make that kind of face because it’s dangerous. He leans in and gives her another kiss.

After Haru leaves her apartment, Minato throws herself on the bed. She has a hard time believing that she has a boyfriend (provisional) for the first time in her whole life. Haru starts to walks home and glances up at Minato’s apartment while blushing. At work the next day, Minato is in a happy daze. Itsuki notices and comments that it’s great to be so happy. Itsuki announces to the team that they are going to start a new project today . He assigns Minato as the sub-planner and she reacts in shock. He explains that since their department has only a few employees, he expects everyone to become an effective worker immediately and wants to know if that’s a problem. Minato responds that it won’t be a problem and she will do her best. Itsuki hands Minato the game and wants her to work on a new title. Minato is excited because it’s a game that she enjoyed playing in the past and even now. Another employee divulges that Itsuki was actually the planner for that game, and Minato can’t believe that the first game she became addicted to was designed by him. She thinks to herself that she really wants to do her best on this project. Up until now, she’s always enjoyed working in this industry, even though the schedule is tough and she ends up sleeping at her desk or working through the night. She was happy no matter how busy it got. However, now… When Minato returns home, there is plate of shrimp fried rice waiting for her with a note from Haru. He thanks her for working hard and hopes that she will eat properly. It appears that he waited for her but had to go home since it was the last train. (T/N: Trains usually stop running around midnight or so). Minato realizes that she doesn’t know Haru’s contact information and wonders if it’s okay to ask him. She’s heard that people have broken up over their busy schedules and knows that she will be very busy if she works full-time on this new project. She thinks that it’s probably more difficult to continue loving someone than to fall in love with them. Several days pass by and Minato is busy with the new project. At first Haru makes dinner for her and leaves a note before going home. But then, he stops coming by her apartment. Minato starts to freak out, wondering if he was just playing with her after all or if it was all a dream or a delusion. She even goes as far as to contemplate whether Haru is real or not. Minato notices a young couple on the train. The guy reminds her of Haru. She feels lonely and wants to see him.

When she arrives at her apartment, Haru greets her with a big smile. Flustered, Minato first asks why is he here, but then changes her question to why hasn’t he come by. He tells her that he was busy with end of the term exams. He realizes that she’s been waiting for him and that she really does like him. Minato gets embarrased by that. She also completely forgot that he’s a high school student who has exams. Giddy, Haru tells her that tonight they are having crab nabe for dinner. While the nabe is simmering, Haru talks about king and hermit crabs and suggest that next time they try it with an earthware pot. Meanwhile, Minato isn’t eating since she is lost in thought, believing that she’s in big trouble because she really does like him. Haru wants to know why she isn’t eating the crab, but she insists that she is. She thanks him for always bringing over food and wants to know if it’s okay to do that. Haru explains that his parents work in the food industry, so they bring home a lot of stuff but he’s the only one who eats it. Minato recalls that he mentioned no one comes home to his house because of work and feels a little sad for him. Switching subjects, she asks him what kind of present he wants to celebrate the end of exams. Haru protests at first, but when Minato keeps insisting, he tells her that he wants to go on a date and to keep the weekend open. Minato is stunned since this is her first date ever. Her mind works like a romance game, giving her three options: Accept happily; Get back to him after confirming her schedule; Refuse because she’s busy with work and doesn’t have time. Haru just smiles and tells her that it’s a promise. When Haru is ready to leave her apartment, she stops him to ask for his contact information. He leans in to kiss her and she freaks out a little. She’s so nervous that she feels like dying. On the weekend, Haru is waiting for Minato. When she shows up for their date, he tells her that she looks cute. She’s totally embarrassed and worries about her clothes. She also thinks that Haru looks somewhat grown-up. He holds out his hand to her and they start walking. Then he mentions that her clothes still have the tag on, and she is mortified. He laughs and tells her that it’s a lie, making her realize that he still is a high school kid after all. All of a sudden, a guy in a business suit glances over and notices Haru. Both Haru and Minato turn around when they hear his name. Haru firmly tells Minato that they are going, while Minato wonders who that guy is. A second business man want to know what’s wrong, and the first guy says that he just saw his younger brother and it looks like he’s on a date. He says that they are far apart in age, so he inadvertently worries. Meanwhile, Haru is pulling Minato along. When she tells him to wait, he stops, squeezes her hand, and pulls her into a hug. She wonders if Haru is even more concerned about their age gap than she is. (T/N: The older Sawatsubashi makes an appearance!)

Chapter 4 Summary:

Haru drops a duffle bag full of clothes and a couple of smaller bags of personal things at Minato’s apartment. When Minato nervously asks about the stuff, Haru stares at her for a moment and then ignores her question and says that the pasta is done. She asks him about the bags again, and he responds that they are necessary for when he stays over. She’s flabbergasted and tells him that he only stayed over last time because he was sick. They sit down to eat the pasta before it gets cold. Minato thinks the Carbonara pasta that Haru made is delicious, but he replies that it’s simple to make and he’ll make it for her anytime. She blushes but tells him okay. While Minato stares at him, thinking that it’s troubling, Haru grins and asks if she’s fascinated with him. After Haru leaves, Minato notices that he left the apron behind. She thinks to herself that little by little, Haru’s presence is growing inside her.

The next day, Minato wakes up groggy and heads to the kitchen. The apartment is quiet, but she imagines Haru there, telling her good morning. She sighs and looks a little glum, thinking it’s troubling that she’s recently started looking for Haru when she wakes up. Thinking about Haru’s situation at work, Minato starts freaking out that maybe she’s in love with Haru while her boss, Itsuki-san, hovers around her. When he asks her what she thinks about high school boys, she gets flustered. But he actually wants to know about the popular games released by other companies that focus on a reverse harem of high school boys. These games target women around 30-years old, so he wants Minato’s opinion. While she tries to come up with a response, Itsuki and another co-worker discuss the games. The co-worker mentions that it would be a criminal act in real life. Minato freaks out and says that it would be impossible and the person’s life would be over if they laid a hand on a high school student in this day and age. Itsuki responds that it’s probably the reason why these games are so popular. Itsuki then asks Minato to go to the publishing company to deliver the revisions to the first proof of the advertisement. He wonders if she will be okay by herself. She tells him that she’s fine, but he still worries, causing the co-worker to refer to him as a father.

Minato stands in front of the building, marveling at the size of it. She notices that it’s a fashionable magazine and it’s full of sparkling people. Feeling somewhat inadequate, she leaves the building exhausted. A young, high school girl bumps into Minato and rudely keeps going without saying anything. Minato thinks that the girl is very beautiful. The young girl talks to a high school boy about coming over to her house for dinner. Minato sees them together, thinking that a real-life high school couple is in a completely different world from her, until she hears the girl call the boy, Haru. Surprised, she continues to listen to their conversation and just when she starts to murmur his name, Haru notices her out of the corner of his eye. Both of them are shocked to see each other. Minato turns and runs away. Haru shouts at her to wait, but she keeps going, wondering why she’s running away and why she is hurting. Haru catches up to her and grabs her arm. When Minato turns around, she’s crying. Haru is stunned and wants to know why she’s crying and running away. Minato thinks back to the conversation at the office about real-life romance with a high school student and realizes that she shouldn’t start liking Haru, so she tells him that it doesn’t concern him. Haru lets go of her arm and she runs off. The young girl wants to know who Minato is and Haru responds that Minato is the woman he likes. The girl mentions that Minato is quite a bit older than Haru, but Haru doesn’t care. Itsuki is lurking nearby (T/N: lol) and overhears everything.

Later on, Minato returns to the office, making up an excuse about helping an elderly woman who got lost. She asks Itsuki about whether she should pick up dinner for everyone, but he tells her that she seems tired so it’s okay to go home for the day. The co-worker chastises Itsuki for splitting the team apart again. Dejected and feeling useless, Minato excuses herself. She knows that she took way too long to deliver the revisions, but she can’t tell them that she was crying and couldn’t return until her eyes cleared up. Walking home, she thinks about how she’s been completely useless since seeing Haru. When she arrives at her apartment, Haru is there. Nervously, Minato tells him that it’s good timing and that she wants her key back. Her heart is beating so fast and loud that she’s afraid he will hear it. He wants to know if what she said was true earlier, that it doesn’t concern him. She replies that it is. They are not dating and he just confessed to her about being his first love and that she should take responsibility without considering her feelings. He then asks her that if it does concern him, then it’s justified? Surprised, Minato starts to lose her balance and Haru grabs her. He tells her that he won’t let her say that it doesn’t concern him. She tries to get away from him and they end up tangled on the floor with Haru on top, kissing her cheek. Then he gazes into her eyes and asks if she hates him or likes him.

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