bk1-honto registration for international customers

I posted earlier that new overseas (not Japan) shoppers can’t purchase items from the merged bk1-honto site, but it looks like you can. Yay! The step-by-step registration process is detailed here. Happy shopping! 🙂


More random stuff and Aoharaido – Ch 17 spoiler

I found out more info about the new bk1 – honto combined site… the new online store will ship outside of Japan, but only to customers who previously ordered from bk1. Apparently they are not accepting new international customers. Wow, that’s a bit surprising. I hope that will change in the future and they will open it up to new customers, and not the other way where they eventually stop shipping overseas completely. Will keep a lookout for any updates.

Kiss Yori mo Hayaku is ending in the August issue of LaLa, out on June 24. Tanaka-sensei tweeted about it the other day.

Received the Japanese raws for Aoharaido – Chapter 17… squee! lol. And yes, the gender of Kou’s friend is ambiguous… Kou refers to that person as his classmate (doukyuusei) and that person (soitsu and aitsu). Soitsu and aitsu are very informal terms and Kou did say that he and that person got pretty close after spending time at the hospital together (the person’s father was in the hospital during the same time as Kou’s mother). Hopefully we find out soon if Kou’s friend is a girl or boy… Sakisaka-sensei doesn’t normally keep us in suspense for too long. If the friend is a girl, then I can see the manga going on for awhile… Strobe Edge was 10 volumes and Aoharaido volume 4 just came out in April. Maybe Kou and Futaba will finally go together to that festival as a couple on their third attempt… that will be at least another 10-11 months of angst, lol. On a side note, I’m starting to like Touma-kun more… he’s so aware of his feelings for Futaba, unlike Kou who’s unsure and not very honest.

bk1 – honto site is up!

The newly combined bk1-honto site is up and running as of today. I signed in with my bk1 user info and everything transferred over fine… order history, bk1 points earned, save for later. The new store shows the same overseas shipping options as bk1 did, so it looks like I can continue to order from them using the cheapest method, yay! The shipping costs aren’t listed for the two cheapest options yet, so I hope they update it soon. I plan to place my first order in early June.

The e-bookstore portion seems to offer a decent variety of books, magazines, and manga. Their manga prices are the same as ebookjapan, but there is a one year time limit for reading. Also, their selection of e-manga is about the same as ebookjapan, so I’m going to stick with ebookjapan for e-manga for now.

Update: I’ve been browsing through the e-manga area and they actually offer a lot of different josei manga compared to ebookjapan. However, I couldn’t download a sample and after going through the Help section, I discovered that the e-bookstore is only available in Japan.

Changes to bk1 site

I received an email last week about upcoming changes to the bk1 site. The online bookstore is going to merge with another site, honto, in May. The honto online store currently offers electronic books, manga, and magazines (similar to ebookjapan). I haven’t purchased any e-manga from honto, probably because they don’t seem to offer anything different from ebookjapan… the manga prices are pretty much the same but there’s a time limit of 365 days to view the manga. From what I can tell, it looks like the newly merged store which will still use the name, honto, will offer both electronic and paper versions and they will still ship overseas. Right now I’m kind of feeling meh about the whole thing… I know that change is usually a good thing, but I’ve been really happy with the service from bk1. Hopefully the merged store will be just as reliable and easy to order from. I’m thinking of putting my May order in early through bk1 to squeeze in one more order before the change, and then wait until early June to start ordering from honto. btw, I received another order (my fifth one, lol) from bk1 yesterday, yay! Strobe Edge (2 volumes), Tora to Ookami (2 volumes), Love So Life (2 volumes) , Tonari no Koigataki, and Vampire Knight Fan Book. 🙂

Two packages from bk1

I came home yesterday to find two packages on my porch, yay! I placed two orders in February, one early in the month and the other a couple weeks later, so I was hoping the first one would arrive soon and I got both at the same time instead. 🙂 This time, it took about two months for the first order and six weeks for the second one… not bad. I’m limiting myself to one order per month now, which started in March. If not, I might spend too much money. 😉 I received a total of 14 books (total cost around $90). Here’s a picture.


Yesterday was a good day

I got home from work yesterday and had two packages on my porch! One from Amazon with Library Wars, Volume 5 and 7… Volume 6 came in last week… I really love this manga! It’s one of my top 5 faves. The other package was from bk1 with L-DK (vol 8), Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (vol 10), and the L-DK Drama CD! It’s my first time buying a Drama CD, so I will post about it later after I check it out. 🙂



First package from bk1

I was away for a few days on a family trip and while we were gone, my first order from bk1 arrived, yay! I chose the cheapest shipping method, by boat, so the delivery time was anywhere from 1- 3 months. It took two months. It’s a long time to wait for books/magazines, but I’m not in any hurry and I figured out that I can save around $12 per shipment (compared to the faster shipping methods offered by other sites), when I order eight books at a time. If I place one order per month, I will save around $150 for the year! My first order was actually a fashion magazine, Betsuma (Feb 2012), and Aoharaido light novel (first volume). I really don’t like the cover of the Aoharaido light novel… Kou and Futaba are much cuter in the manga, but that’s okay, I’m still excited to read it! 🙂