L-DK Drama CD

I finally listened to the L-DK drama CD over the weekend. It contains the audio for volume 1 of L-DK, along with a couple of extras (which I haven’t checked out yet, though). It’s my first time purchasing a drama CD and it was interesting, but I don’t think I will be buying any more for a couple of reasons… first, it’s kind of expensive, 1,980 yen, for just one volume (although the package did include the volume 8 book… which I already bought so now I have two volume 8s, lol… what am I going to do with the extra one?) and second, I prefer either reading the book or watching the anime, if available. I really haven’t had much use for audio books in the past… *shrug*

That aside, I did enjoy listening to the CD and it was kind of cool to envision the characters from the manga actually talking. The voice actor who plays Shuusei has a really nice voice… I especially liked it when he chuckles… very cute… ahem, I mean dreamy, lol. I was surprised at how fast the actors spoke, though. But since I followed along with the actual manga, it was easy to understand them… wow, I guess it’s been awhile since I heard Japanese being spoken naturally.