Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou) e-manga

I saw on ebookjapan’s website that they have Library Wars now! Yay! Only volumes 1 – 3 are available for now. I’m excited even though I bought the English-version, lol. Although, if the volumes come out faster than the English licensed ones, I might have to switch back to the Japanese version… headache and all (I got a headache from reading the first volume in Japanese and having to look up all the unknown words and kanji). They also have Ayakashi Hisen now (volumes 1 – 2). I already bought volumes 1 – 3 via Sokuyumi though, so I will just stick with that. It’s nice to see a lot of manga being added to ebookjapan. It was a little slow for awhile, but their offerings seemed to have increased again. They release their new e-manga every Friday.


Random stuff

Just a few random news items:

• Aoharaido – Chapter 17 translation: The Chinese raws have been translated and you can read the translation here. Not sure how the Chinese raws are out before the Japanese ones, but I don’t mind! Kou’s disappearance over the summer break is explained somewhat but it’s still up in the air if the friend involved is male or female. Touma makes an appearance again.

• The e-manga version of Fruits Basket is now available on ebookjapan! I hope they continue to add more manga from Hana to Yume comics.

• Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (vol 11) will be released on June 5. Yay! I’m currently on volume 7… love this manga. I think the manga is ending soon after all… not in this month’s LaLa but I think there are three more months left. I will post again later when I get additional information.

Hana to Yume manga on ebookjapan

I just saw on the ebookjapan site that they now have several Hana to Yume titles, yay! I’m glad that they’re releasing more e-manga. Here are some of the series that have been added:

  • Kiss Yori mo Hayaku
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
  • Ouran Koukou Host Club
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Another option for buying e-manga

I buy my e-manga from ebookjapan and have been very happy with them… lots of manga and great customer service. But I started noticing that they’re not getting recent works from a few of the publishers… not sure if it’s because the publishers have started offering e-manga on their own?

I’ve been wanting to buy some of the manga from Sho-Comi, so I registered at the Sokuyomi site. It took awhile to figure out how to make a purchase, but I finally did it! I will post an explanation under the Stores section soon. The prices are cheaper than ebookjapan’s prices but there’s a time limit of 180 days to read the manga and they only offer the ability to read via Android and PC viewers. In contrast, there is no time limit for manga purchased at ebookjapan and they can be read on more devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, PC). Still I’m happy that to have found another way to purchase e-manga. 🙂