New manga and other ramblings

Last week was a really busy week… my brain was tired, so I didn’t feel like playing Oumagatoki or reading manga at all which is pretty crazy since that’s usually how I relax and enjoy my evenings. But I’m back to my regular schedule now though, yay!

I’m still working on Oumagatoki… almost put it on hold to start Storm Lover Kai which arrived last Thursday… but if I do that it will be a long time before I go back to Oumagatoki so I’m continuing on with the game. Storm Lover Kai (and Natsukoi) look like so much fun though! I also placed an order for the first Kuni no Alice game (Heart – Anniversary version) yesterday. I had a bad day at work, so I did a little retail therapy. 🙂

Listed below are a couple of new/upcoming manga series I’m keeping an eye on. I’m still haven’t seen any detailed information on Tanaka Meka’s new series or Minami Kanan’s new series (it sounds like the series will start with the first issue of 2013 though, according to what ANN’s website says).

– Akai Ito by Miyasaka Kaho (Cheese): Here’s a quick blurb from the Cheese magazine website. A number of “red threads” intersect and love continues to be born a number of times. Seven guys and girls are woven together in every which way, a youthful group drama!

– Dear Brother! by Enjouji Maki (Petit Comic): Here’s the description from the Petit Comic magazine website. Komatsu Momo is a 23 year old, ordinary OL, and a very normal girl. She’s living by herself in the house that her parents left for her… However! Actually, she has plans to get married soon to a work colleague. Accordingly, Momo makes up her mind to get in touch with her “brothers”…??