Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou) e-manga

I saw on ebookjapan’s website that they have Library Wars now! Yay! Only volumes 1 – 3 are available for now. I’m excited even though I bought the English-version, lol. Although, if the volumes come out faster than the English licensed ones, I might have to switch back to the Japanese version… headache and all (I got a headache from reading the first volume in Japanese and having to look up all the unknown words and kanji). They also have Ayakashi Hisen now (volumes 1 – 2). I already bought volumes 1 – 3 via Sokuyumi though, so I will just stick with that. It’s nice to see a lot of manga being added to ebookjapan. It was a little slow for awhile, but their offerings seemed to have increased again. They release their new e-manga every Friday.


Let’s talk about height

I’ve always been partial to tall guys, like 6 ft tall and up, in manga, movies, and real life… not that I’m tall myself… I’m barely 5 ft 3 in. I’ve actually avoided reading manga where the main guy is really short… so bad of me, I know. However, things have changed a little after I started reading Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou). According to the Japanese version, Dojo is 165 cm, which makes him 5 ft 6 in, not 5 ft 4 in in the English version. Come on guys, give him the couple of inches! He’s short compared to Iku (she’s a couple inches taller), but I think he’s very attractive. 🙂 Ren-kun from Strobe Edge is still my favorite male character, but Dojo is second. So there you have it! I will no longer skip manga that have short guys.

Library Wars, Volume 8, spoiler

Couldn’t resist finding out what’s going to happen in Volume 8, so I checked out a couple of Japanese sites. It looks like Iku is finally going to learn about her prince! Finally!! Can’t wait to see the reactions and expressions from all the characters. September, please come soon… lol.

Library Wars, Volume 5 – 7

Just finished reading through volume 7 last night… love this manga… it’s funny, interesting, and the artwork is really nice! If you haven’t read this manga yet, I highly recommend it. 🙂 Can’t wait to read volume 8, which has already been released in Japan… waiting for the English version is so hard… it’s not going to be released until September 4, 2012… gah! Too long to wait. *sigh* I’m going to pre-order it, so I can get it as soon as it comes out.

Yesterday was a good day

I got home from work yesterday and had two packages on my porch! One from Amazon with Library Wars, Volume 5 and 7… Volume 6 came in last week… I really love this manga! It’s one of my top 5 faves. The other package was from bk1 with L-DK (vol 8), Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (vol 10), and the L-DK Drama CD! It’s my first time buying a Drama CD, so I will post about it later after I check it out. 🙂



Library Wars, Volume 6

Just saw a message on my phone, showing that I had a package from Amazon sitting in my mailbox all day… volume 6 of Library Wars! But volume 5 has not arrived yet… what to do… I guess I will be good and not read volume 6 before volume 5. *sigh*

Finished Library Wars Volumes 1 – 4

Yup, I read them all, lol. So much faster than reading in Japanese. 🙂 I can’t wait to get volumes 5 –  7. I ordered them a few days ago, and they should arrive next week sometime. Yay! Really, really like this manga… great artwork (love both Dojo and Komaki), funny characters, and interesting story. Very happy that I gave in and bought the English version.

Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou) Volumes 1 – 4

Squee! I came home from work to find a box from Amazon on my porch. What a nice way to end the work week, yay! Looks like I will be busy reading this weekend. 🙂

Toshokan Sensou (Library Wars): Love & War

So… I broke down and ended up buying the first four volumes of Toshokan Sensou: Love & War in English via Amazon… they’re included in the “buy three, get the fourth one free” special. Yay! I was planning to get the Japanese version, but decided to get the English one instead after getting the Japanese raws for volume 1 and trying to read them (I did read most of the volume but had to look up so many words, my brain hurts). *sigh* I am somewhat disappointed in myself for giving up on the Japanese version, but I really want to read the manga and I don’t think I will enjoy it that much if my head hurts when I read it, lol. Oh well, I guess I will stick with the standard shoujo/josei romance stories for Japanese practice… they’re easy enough to read. Debating on what to do about Vampire Knight and Black Bird… English or Japanese? I already bought one volume of Black Bird (e-manga) in Japanese but haven’t tried to read it yet… guess I will decide after that.