Random manga stuff

Here are a couple of newer manga series that I started reading recently:

  • Hirunaka no RyuuseiHirunaka no Ryuusei: It’s currently serialized in Margaret and volume 3 was just released on June 22. It is being scanlated with Chapter 4 as the most recent release. I discovered this manga after checking out the Margaret website for something else. The art is pretty cute… the cover art doesn’t look as nice, imho, so don’t let that deter you. It’s the standard country girl moves to Tokyo story, but the girl isn’t a complete bumbling idiot and seems to be able to stand up for herself. There’s also young, good-looking teacher (possible love interest), a cute guy who’s afraid of girls, and a conniving female classmate.


  • Shinobi Yoru Koi wa KusemonoShinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono: It’s currently serialized in Comic B’s-Log Kyun and volume 3 was released in December 2011. There was one chapter scanlated last year. I discovered this manga after purchasing the May issue (mainly to check out the Hakuouki serialization 🙂 ). The art for Shinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono is cute and the story is fun. It’s about a girl (ninja) whose job is to guard her childhood (male) friend. There are two rival families, Toujo and Toyoda, and her friend is part of the Toujo family. Disguised a guy, she starts attending an all male high school and meets the heir to the rival Toyoda family.


Faster than a Kiss (Kiss Yori mo Hayaku) is finished! The last chapter was published in the August issue of LaLa, which came out on June 24. I’ve been looking to see if initial scans have been posted but haven’t found any yet. Well, I did find a couple of links, but they didn’t work for me. 😦 I’ve seen comments about a wedding and a kiss… hopefully more than one kiss though! Come on, we’ve waited 11 volumes, so there should be many kisses, lol.

I’ve put L-DK (my personal re-reading of it) on hold for now… I’m still helping with the translations and I’m interested in seeing how everything is going to play out, but I just don’t feel like re-reading the whole series on my own at this time. I haven’t gotten very far anyway. I’m on volume 2. Probably when the series is complete (with a happy ending for Aoi and Shuusei), I will go back and read the whole series again.


New manga series

Here’s a list of new manga that I started reading recently:

– Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi (Minase Ai): New series published in Sho-Comi. Typical shoujo story about childhood friends, but it’s cute. Chibi Manga is translating it.
– Orange (Takano Ichigo): New series published in Betsuma. Interesting and bittersweet story about a girl who receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future, detailing events that happened and what she wished happened instead. Bxsmanga is translating it.
– Ouji to Hero (Yamada Daisy): Newer series published in Nakayoshi. Very shoujo-ish with two bishie boys and a cute, but not very smart girl from the countryside. Chibi Manga is translating it.
– Seishun Location (Tajima Mimi): New series published in Margaret. Cute story with a probable love triangle between a cute girl, her good-looking guy (childhood) friend, and a geeky, recluse from their class. Chibi Manga is translating it.
– Kore ga Koi to Iunaraba (Aikawa Saki): New series published in Margaret. Interesting story about a girl who decides to attend high school far away from where she lives because she’s tired of being compared with her perfect sister and wants to have an enjoyable school life. Chibi Manga is translating it.

Aruitou returns

I saw on the Margaret’s website that Aruitou, which was being serialized in Margaret, returns in the 7th volume. Yay! The mangaka is Nanaji Nagamu who also wrote Parfait Tic. I believe she took a break from working because she suffered a stroke. Glad she’s recovered from that. It seems like a cute, interesting story… will post more about it later. 🙂