Totsuzen Chapter 22 sneak peek and news

I received my copy of the February issue of Petit Comic today, yay!


February 2016 issue

I posted some images on the Totsuzen page under Summaries (here), for those of you who do not have access to Otakumole. Raff already received her copy of the magazine, so I think she will post Chapter 22 soon.

btw, I recently saw a post on Heart of Manga about Totsuzen being licensed by Viz with publication starting in June! That is really good news for Miyazono-sensei, since not very many josei manga get licensed in English. With that being the case, however, I will not be providing Totsuzen translations after that time, if the series is still on-going. Since the manga will be licensed in English, please support the mangaka and purchase your own copies. 🙂

Finally, my big news is that I’m a dedicated translator for a new scans group, ShoujoHearts. Everyone in the group is friendly, hard-working, and very passionate about shoujo/josei manga. 🙂 Right now, we are working on several josei and one shoujo manga, but we plan to add more shoujo (and josei) manga in the future. You can find out more information about current and upcoming projects here: Current and Upcoming Projects List. If you have any suggestions on new projects, please post them on ShoujoHearts site!


Totsuzen Desu ga – Chapter 21 Spoilers

Hello! I’ve had a few people ask for a summary of Chapter 21, so if you are interested in reading a short spoiler (I typed this really fast, so please excuse any grammar mistakes), click More below:

Totsuzen Desu ga – Battle 21

Amazon Japan delivered Petit Comic magazine so fast as usual! The January issue was released on December 8th (Japan time) and it arrived yesterday on December 10th, yay!

I uploaded a few images from the chapter, even though I think Otakumole will have the whole chapter posted soon (Raff is usually quick). Enjoy the mini spoiler here!


Petit Comic October issue and summary updates

Hello! My Amazon Japan order arrived today with the October issue of Petit Comic magazine, yay! The magazine was just released on September 8th in Japan, so Amazon Japan shipping is very quick. 🙂 I posted a few pics of Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu – Chapter 18 to go along with the summary that trans provided.

Petit Comic October 2015

Cute cover of Nana Ryuu and Asuka

I’ll work on the summaries for the other manga series soon, starting with Zettai Toudo. Please check the Recent Summary Updates section on the right side of the page to see the most current updates. I’m also going to start summarizing two manga from Ane Kei Petit Comic… Mephistopheles wa Dare? and Futsutsukamono Desu ga. Ane Kei Petit Comic is released every other month, so I won’t be posting summaries for them as frequently.

Monthly summaries of Petit Comic magazine

It’s here! 🙂 My order that included the September issue of Petit Comic arrived today, yay! I placed the order last Friday on Amazon Japan and it arrived in three business days… that is so fast. 🙂 I love Petit Comic and follow a lot of the current series in the magazine.

Petit Comic magazine - September 2015

Petit Comic magazine – September 2015

Before Mangalator went down, I was translating five series from Petit Comic: Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu; Zettai Toudo, Koi ni Tsuite Hanasou ka; Midara na Nettaigyo; and Onegai, Sore o Yamenai de. I decided to post monthly summaries of the five series, along with a few pictures, for anyone who is interested in keeping up with them.

Please go to the Summaries page to find information on the current list of manga summaries. The main Summaries page will be the launching point for all the individual series. Since I’ll be adding chapter summaries randomly throughout the month, I won’t post every time a new summary is loaded… so please stop by occasionally to check on any updates.

Edited: I added a section on the right to show recent summary updates at a glance with links to the appropriate summary page. 🙂

Adding to my favorite mangaka list

I keep discovering more mangaka to add to my favorites list… at this rate, I’m going to have to watch what I spend each month on manga, lol. Here are the names:

• Miyazono Izumi: I start reading her works when I subscribed to Petit Comic last year. I’m not a fan of her earlier works, but I like the artwork in her recent works, so I’m planning to buy a couple of her manga, Dare nimo Ienai Yoru o Ageru and Kinyoku no Hiru to Kanbi na Yoru. Her newest work, Renai Caffeine, looks good too.

• Mitsuki Miko: I bought Koi, Hirari last year and really liked the artwork… story was cute too. I just ordered the three volumes of Mitsu Aji Blood. Her main guy characters are definitely tsundere.

• Kouchi Kaede: The mangaka for Love So Life… cute story and artwork. The only other work that I’m aware of by this mangaka is a Christmas anthology. Definitely will be keeping an eye on this mangaka.