Random Otome Game Musings

I’m now at the end of the second individual route in Oumagatoki, and I’m definitely liking the game more. I guess when I first started the game, my expectations were different so the general route stuff was somewhat boring for me. Luckily, the general route is pretty short and you don’t have to repeat it (although you might miss out on a few CGs though… not sure about that), so once you get past it and save the game, you can just continue on each guy’s individual path. I didn’t care too much for the first guy (Reiji) who was a real tsundere… which is surprising because I usually like tsundere characters and the seiyuu is Toriumi Kousuke (I didn’t think his voice fit the character that well, either). However, the second guy (Keigo)… omg… his character and route are so good. I hope the rest of them are also that fun (well, except for the tengu guy, Moegi… he’s kind of creepy).



There is an official sequel for Oumagatoki, called Tasogaredoki ~ Kaidan Romance. It’s scheduled for release sometime in 2013, no specific date yet. I will post more information as it comes out. Here’s a picture that I got from QuinRose’s website. At first I wasn’t planning to buy it, but I’m starting to change my mind. If the other guys’ routes are enjoyable like Keigo’s, then yeah, I’ll end up getting it. Heck, I might buy it just for Keigo! 🙂 He is really that adorable… and I’m not usually a fan of dog/wolf shifters, lol. I wish the yen rate was better, sigh. I remember back in the day when it was 200 yen to the dollar. Just think how many games I could buy if the yen rate was that instead of 78 yen to the dollar?

Daiya no Kuni no Alice

Daiya no Kuni no Alice. Fifth game in the series.

Since I’ve been living under a rock for the past several years with regards to video games (I just found out about the Hakuouki franchise in May), I’ve also been clueless about the Kuni no Alice franchise (Heart, Clover, Joker, Omochabako, Daiya). To be honest, I saw the games on QuinRose’s website but didn’t really take a good look at them, thinking “come on, it’s Alice in Wonderland”. Well, after skimming through Hinano’s quite interesting and funny review of the Clover game, I started to look into the whole Alice franchise and now my interest is piqued. Not that I want to get started on another franchise (I’ll have no more money to spend on other games, lol), but I think I’ll buy the first game, Heart no Kuni no Alice ~ Anniversary Version and check it out.


Oumagatoki first impressions

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in several days… started watching the Olympics and got busy with regular daily life stuff.

I finished HanaIchi a few days ago (not all the routes but the ones I wanted to do) and started on Oumagatoki. I read good reviews about this game, so I’ve been really looking forward to playing it… but so far, my first impression is kind of meh. But I’m at the end of the general route and about to start one of the individual routes, so things should get more interesting. There’s supposed to be a lot more action on the romantic front compared to the other games I’ve played.

The story centers around a bunch of spirits who appear during the twilight hour (oumagatoki) and attend high school at night. The main protagonist, Shizuka, is a water spirit and spends her time at school getting into mischief and causing all sorts of trouble with her friend, Hisoka. Shizuka tends to get into fights with other spirits in order to release the power that builds up inside of her. Otherwise, her power will get out of control. So far, she’s kind of snarky and a bit full of herself. Although, given all the power she possesses, maybe that’s understandable.

I believe there is an underlying story about Shizuka’s background, so that should be interesting. I’ve only briefly glanced at the details of each individual route though, so I’m not really sure. I hope so, because games with an involved background story are more appealing to me. 🙂

Otome games update

Nothing new to post regarding manga, but I’ve been busy playing Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku (HanaIchi) in my free time. I completed three (Tadashi, Isami, and Susumu) out of seven routes and am currently in the beginning of the fourth one (Hiroshi). I will be done with this game after I finish Hiroshi’s route. There are still three more routes to go, but I’m tired, lol… it’s a long game and I’m not too interested in the other characters. A couple of blogs already have detailed reviews of each route so I’m going to read them instead. They are great reviews and fun to read. 🙂

I went ahead and posted my review of HanaIchi under the Games section. It’s a really great game, just long. I bought Kinema Mosaic (HanaIchi fan disc) which I heard is even longer, so I will be playing that after I take a little break and play something else.

I think my next game to play will be Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance. A completely different story and setting than Hakuouki and HanaIchi.

I also placed my pre-order for Hakuouki Yuugiroku twin pack set which includes the new Matsuribayashi to Taichitachi game and the original Yuugiroku game released back in 2010. Yay! I really wanted to play the first game. The twin pack set and the new Matsuribayashi to Taichitachi game are scheduled for release on September 20.

Favorite seiyuu (voice actors)

There are so many great Japanese seiyuu and I thought I would pay tribute to my favorites by mentioning them on this blog. Because let’s face it, voice acting in otome games is kind of important. 🙂 Listed below are my favorite seiyuu (in no particular order)… right now all but one of them are from Hakuouki, lol. I’m sure this list will change as I play more games though. I plan to eventually create a page for each favorite and will try to keep it updated with current info.

  • Miki Shinichiro (age 44): A very popular seiyuu with a ton of work in anime, video games, drama CDs, BL (boys’ love) CDs, TV, movies, etc. He’s the voice of Hijikita in the Hakuouki franchise (otome game, anime, drama CDs). I just love it when he growls, “temera…” and “… ja ne yo.” Looking forward to hearing him in the soon-to-be-released Kimi Kare – Shingakki (if I get it) and Hyakki Yakou – Kaidan Romance (definitely getting it). If he doesn’t alter his voice too much, I’ll probably have flashbacks of Hakuouki though, lol. His voice is pretty distinctive.
  • Morikubo Shoutarou (age 38): A fairly popular seiyuu in anime, video games, and drama CDs. His voice has a cheery, playful quality to it… I thought he was a great fit for the role of Okita Souji in the Hakuouki game. For some reason, his voice sounded a lot more nasal in a couple of the Hakuouki drama CDs that I heard though. He has a role in the upcoming Kimi Kare.
  • Toriumi Kousuke (age 39): A popular seiyuu with a lot of roles in anime, video games, drama CDs, and BL CDs. He’s the voice of Saitou Hajime in Hakuouki and his calm, earnest voice fit the character well. He does a lot of voice acting in popular otome video games and also R18 otome PC games. R18 otome games are for adults (18 years and up) since they have mature sexual content and nudity. Looking forward to hearing him in Oumagatoki – Kaidan Romance, which I will probably play next after I finish Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku.
  • Yusa Kouji (age 43): A popular seiyuu with a lot of work in anime, drama CDs, BL CDs, and video games (otome and R18). He’s the voice of Harada Sanosuke in Hakuouki. I didn’t pay much attention to his voice until I played the Harada route… he has a pleasant, good-natured sounding voice. He shows up in a couple of games that I already bought (Mahoutsukai to Goshujinsama New Ground and Oumagatoki). He’s also the voice of Kazama in the Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (Faster Than a Kiss) drama CD!
  • Nakamura Yuuichi (age 32): A fairly popular seiyuu in anime, drama CDs, BL CDs and video games. He’s the voice of Reimei in the Bloody Call (PC) and unEnding Bloody Call (PSP) games. I downloaded the PC trial version of Bloody Call last month and really like his voice. Looking forward to hearing more of him in Mahoutsukai to Goshujinsama and possibly Kimi Kare. He’s also the voice of Ren in the Strobe Edge drama CD!

I was surprised to see that most of these guys are in their late-30’s to early-40’s. I thought they would be younger, well, maybe except for Miki Shinichiro… he just sounds older than the rest of them, but in a good way. 🙂

Otome game wish list

There is such a wide selection of otome games (Japanese) for the PSP, it’s hard to decide which ones to get and unfortunately with the yen rate, the games are pretty expensive compared to the prices for games available in the United States. Of course, there are no otome games available here, except for Hakuouki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, so I have to buy the Japanese games. I think I’d rather play the Japanese version anyway. 🙂

Fortunately, I’ve found some blogs which have detailed reviews and they’ve helped me figure out which games I should add to my wish list. 🙂

So, in no particular order, here are the games that I plan/hope to buy this year:

  • HanaIchi Kinema MosaicHanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku – Kinema Mosaic (Otomate – released 12/8/11): Listed as a fan disk, this game is actually longer than the first one which I’m currently playing and it’s long… I just hit the 31 hour mark and I’m almost finished with the first route… there are 6 more routes to go, lol. In Kinema Mosaic, there are three different story modes: second year, epilogue, and informant. Here’s the link for the game info: Kinema Mosaic

  • unEnding Bloody CallunEnding Bloody Call (BlueMoon and icing candy – released 6/28/12): PSP port of the PC game but this version includes around 50 updated graphics, an after story, and a parallel story with new designs for the characters’ civilian clothes. The graphics in the PC version look great already, so I can’t wait to see the PSP ones. Here’s the link for the game info: unEnding Bloody Call

  • Storm Lover KaiStorm Lover Kai (D3P – released 6/7/12): A revamp of Storm Lover with improved events and graphics. I wasn’t planning to get this game at first because it sounds similar to Tokimeki Memorial (I tried playing the first one and wasn’t too interested), but after reading the reviews, Storm Lover Kai sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Here’s the link for the game info (requires FlashPlayer): Storm Lover Kai

  • Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 (Otomate – scheduled for release on 9/20/12): This is the next chibi mini-adventure game. The chibi characters are so cute! I’m bummed that I missed the first one, but it looks like Otomate is going to offer a twin pack, so both games might be included, yay! Here’s the link for the game info (requires FlashPlayer): Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2

  • Hyakki YakouHyakki Yakou (QuinRose – scheduled for release on 10/25/12): Another supernatural high school romance story. I think it’s a spin-off of their earlier game, Oumagatoki. Don’t know much about it yet, but the graphics are really nice, it’s rated Cero D (!) which is for 17 years old and up, and Miki Shinichirou is one of the seiyuus… drool, lol. Here’s the link for the game info: Hyakki Yakou

  • Kimi Kare ShingakkiKimi Kare Shingakki (Otomote – scheduled for release on 7/19/12). I’m on the fence about this one because it’s another high school setting, but the graphics are cute and the seiyuu include: Miki Shinichirou, Morikubo Shoutarou, and Nakamura Yuuichi… I’m really tempted to buy this game based on the seiyuu alone but if it’s not fun to play, then I won’t get it. Here’s the link to the game info (requires FlashPlayer): Kimi Kare

Hakuouki and other otome games info

I finished Hakuouki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom! Well, at least the routes that I wanted to do… Okita, Saitou, Harada, and Hijikata, and only the good routes (although I started to head down an Okita bad route but stopped before I got to the end). As much as I want to see all the CGs in the game, I’m not up for it right now… maybe later on. Sorry Heisuke, I didn’t care for your long hairdo, weird eyes, and voice. As for Kazama, I just really didn’t like him and I read that his route is pretty short. It looks like there’s also one more final ending to unlock besides those two, though? I haven’t really looked into it, so that will also be at a later date.

I received another two PSP games in the mail yesterday from YesAsia. They also took only a couple of weeks. Thanks YesAsia for the prompt service! Here’s some info on the two games:

  • Hakuouki Zuisouroku (Otomate): Yup, another Hakuouki game! I had to get this one after seeing a couple of the Sekkaroku OVAs. Looking forward to playing a more light-hearted game. 🙂
  • Oumagatoki: Kaidan Romance (QuinRose): Supernatural high school story…

PSP Games

I was debating on what to play next… and I think I will go with Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku, another historical game. What!? Not Hakuouki Zuisouroku!? Well, yeah, I really want to play that game but I’m giving myself a little break from the Hakuouki franchise… just a little one, though, lol.

I added an Otome Games section to the blog, consisting of reviews (sorry, no spoilers or walkthroughs) of the games that I’ve played. I’m working on my Hakuouki review after this.

Hakuouki game progress and other games

Just had to post one of my favorite pictures of Hijikata. This was the cover of the Japanese PS2 version (normal edition) of the first Hakuouki game. Yeah, the outfit totally works for his character… but if someone else were to dress like that for real (like cosplay), I would be rotflmao.

Hijikata hotness… lol

I finished the Okita and Saitou routes (good ones, of course) so far. I was able to get to the good ends by trial and error and lots of saving. 🙂 I was planning on doing Hijikata’s route next, but ended up starting Harada’s route after reading about the ending. I am following the walkthrough though, since I want to finish quickly and get to Hijikata! Hijikata is my favorite character after watching the anime with Okita and Saitou pretty much tied for second.

I also received two PSP games in the mail yesterday from YesAsia. I just ordered them two weeks ago. I was surprised that they came so quickly. Here’s some info on the two games:

    • Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku (Otomate): Historical game set during the Taisho era (1912-1926). Main character works as a maid for a powerful family with six sons.
    • Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama (QuinRose): Fantasy game about a princess sent to a magical academy in order to choose a personal assistant.

Right now I’m more interested in the historical/fantasy type otome games over the school life ones… maybe due to my boredom with Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love. Although QuinRose has a couple of games based on school life, but with a twist. One has spirits (Oumagatoki: Kaidan Romance) and the other is about warring schools (hence the title, School Wars, lol). Oumagatoki: Kaidan Romance came out in March and School Wars comes out later this year.