Rant… and then Bliss

I’ve been translating a lot of manga on Mangalator lately, about 8-9 different series. I normally enjoy it because I can focus on the manga that I’m interested in. However, recently there have been a few cases where someone new jumps in and translates the chapter that I was working on before I can finish it, even after I said that I’m currently translating it. It’s frustrating because it’s a waste of my time to work on a translation for a couple of hours and then stop. I don’t understand why people lack the common sense or courtesy to check on whether a manga is already being worked on. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing to translate manga there, but I don’t want to let the readers down (and the fansubs that use my translations). So I’ll continue for now, but if this kind of thing happens more and more, then I’ll probably rethink my decision.

So… while I was feeling a bit annoyed because of this latest incident, I received a package in the mail from CD Japan. It’s my Sakisaka Io Illustrations book (for Aoharaido and Strobe Edge)! Talk about good timing! My mood went from sour to happy in an instant, lol.

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations... kyaaa

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations… kyaaa


Aoharaido – Chapter 22 first look (spoilers)

I’m a little slow getting this out, sorry. I was on a trip and just got back late Sunday night. The Chinese and Japanese raws are out for Chapter 22! You can find the summary at bxsmanaga: here. I just finished translating the Japanese raws and will send it in for editing/proofreading. Can’t say much again without spoiling the whole chapter, but O.M.G… wth? I mean, I kind of thought that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing for Futaba and Kou, but really? Sakisaka-sensei, you’re killing me! Here are a couple of spoilers:

  • Kou is doing too much…
  • Futaba’s face near the end of the chapter made me cry, literally.
  • I’m loving Touma. 🙂

Aoharaido – Chapter 21 first look (spoilers)

Waaaaaaaah…! The Chinese raws are out for Chapter 21 and Estella has already translated them! You can find the summary at bxsmanaga: here. I can’t really say much without spoiling it, so please go and check it out… the only spoilers I’ll give here are:

  • Narumi turns out to be bit of a mean girl (kind of surprised that Sakisaka-sensei made her that way, but I guess it makes it easier to dislike her)
  • Touma is trying so hard… I feel bad for him.

Aoharaido – Chapter 20 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws are out for Chapter 20! You can find them here. The chapter is split into two parts, so make sure to click on the second part to see the rest of the chapter. *I updated the link for the Chinese raws, so it should be okay now if you had problems earlier.

Updated: the translation for the Chinese raws is here: bxsmanga! Thanks to the awesome Estella for the quick translation!

Updated again: Here’s the Japanese summary at Happy Dream Time. It’s the second summary out of four.

The big news: Kou and Futaba kiss! At the end of the chapter! They both look shocked and it wasn’t intentional. Ahhh… can’t wait to see the Japanese raws.


Instead of the kiss picture (Futaba looks a little weird), I decided to post one of my favorite parts from this chapter… this is the scene right after Touma calls out to Futaba, forgetting that the microphone is on. She waves hello to him and he looks so adorably happy. Kou is there too and sees everything… the look on his face says a lot, lol.

(Im)patiently waiting for Aoharaido – Chapter 20

The new chapter of Aoharaido is supposed to be released on August 10 in Japan, and since the Chinese version usually comes out a few days earlier than the Japanese release, people are wondering if today is the day. Man, I hope so! Estella who does a great job with translating the Chinese scans for bxsmanga is going on vacation soon though, so there may not be a detailed translation for a little while, but she may do a brief summary. Also, the Japanese blog that I read, Happy Dream Time, has short summaries of Aoharaido, so I will check it out after August 10. As soon as a summary or detailed translation is available, I will post the link.

Manga order from honto

honto order July 2012Received my first order from honto without any problems, yay! It arrived on Friday, about 5.5 weeks since it shipped. That’s close to the average time it seems to take to ship the order from Japan to my place (using surface mail, the slowest and cheapest method). Previous orders from bk1 took around 6 weeks and one order took 2 months. According to the Japan postal service website, surface mail to the U.S. can take anywhere from 1 – 3 months, so I’m happy with 6 weeks.

I ordered 8 books and the cost of the shipping was 1080 yen, which is around $14… very reasonable for 8 books. If the exchange rate was different, I would probably switch to a faster method, but I just don’t want to pay that much for shipping right now. I like the way honto packs the books, too. Very neat with padding around all sides, so the books aren’t damaged during transit.

Here’s my stash of books that I received: Strobe Edge (vol 9 & 10), Aoharaido (vol 1), Chitose, etc. (vol 4), Love So Life (vol 9), Ishakoi (vol 3), Hakuouki anthology, and Hakuouki light novel (vol 1). Now I need to find more time to read, lol.

Aoharaido – Chapter 19 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws are already available and have been translated… you can read the translation here. So fast, wow! Omg, this manga is good! It drives me crazy and makes me happy at the same time, lol.

  • Yes, the phone friend is a girl… like that would surprise anyone, lol. She shows up at the end of the chapter. She has short, dark hair and looks cute, of course.
  • Lots of male bonding going on between Kominato and Kou, which is cool. Kou’s such a loner and pretty aloof, so it’s good to see him open up a little.
  • Kominato discovering that Kou used to like Futaba in junior high and then asking if he still does and Kou blushing. He doesn’t admit it but doesn’t deny it either. 🙂
  • Aoharaido-Ch19

    This is after Kominato asks Kou if he still likes Futaba and Kou doesn’t give him a straight answer… I love Kou’s face, annoyed and embarrassed… cute!

  • Futaba asking for Touma’s opinion on guy stuff… awkward (for Touma?) but cute! Touma really seems to like her… almost want them to end up together… almost, but it’s definitely Kou and Futaba! Although with recent developments, it might take awhile.
  • Kou sounds like he’s just trying to help out the phone girl but isn’t interested in her in that way… but she may feel differently… nothing has been said in the chapter, but why bother to add her character to the story then? If so, hopefully Kou is smart and strong enough to resist. Although that would be an opening for Touma… and remember with Strobe Edge, Ninako’s first kiss wasn’t with Ren?

Aoharaido – Chapter 18 thoughts (spoilers)

I’m working on translating Chapter 18 and just wanted to share a few thoughts…  there are spoilers so if you don’t want to know more, read no further, lol.

– Kou’s mysterious cell phone friend still hasn’t been identified as male or female… but I’m definitely leaning towards female since Kou’s other friend that he talks to in the beginning of the chapter is a guy. Why keep the cell-phone friend a mystery but not this other friend, hmm?

– Kou getting so flustered by a guy in his class asking him if he likes someone. Seriously, is he not aware of his feelings or just doesn’t want to admit anything?

– Touma biting the Pocky or pretzel stick that Futaba offered him and then getting so embarrassed by it, lol. Futaba’s reaction is cute… she’s so puzzled. Sakisaka-sensei’s draws her confusion well.

– I still think Touma looks like a male Yuuri, lol, but in the scene where he’s talking to Futaba while she’s wearing the maid outfit, his profile kind of reminds me of Ren from Strobe Edge (a light hair version). I really don’t like the back of his hairdo though… it just looks weird to me.

– Kou being irritated about Futaba and Touma’s friendship. He totally snapped at her and then felt really bad about it since he thought she was crying. Okay, Kou, I know that you’re tsundere but come on!

– Um… when Kou comforts Futaba and has his arm around her, what exactly did he do??? Inquiring minds want to know! And so does Futaba since she asks him, lol.

– And what’s with those words that Kou says at the end!?  I had a hard time trying to translate what he said because it was kind of vague. I hope I translated it okay. If not, sorry! Sakisaka-sensei probably intended to keep it like that since Futaba was all, “I don’t understand. What does that mean?” Here’s what Kou said (for those who know some Japanese): Sou iu fuu ni dekitenda na orera. Geez, it’s going to be a long month before Chapter 19 is released.

Aoharaido – Chapter 18 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws have been translated and you can read the translation here. Still can’t figure out how the Chinese raws are out before the Japanese ones, but I don’t mind! Touma has a much bigger role now… he’s a class officer with Futaba and Kou. How about that pretzel/stick biting scene! Touma’s got some courage. Futaba looks really cute in that maid outfit and Touma definitely thinks so. Then Kou snapping at her (because he’s jealous?) and then apologizing, but Futaba wasn’t really crying, lol. Kou, you better treat Futaba nicer though. I can’t wait to see the Japanese raws!

Aoharaido – Chapter 17 thoughts (spoilers)

I finished translating Chapter 17 and just wanted to share a few of my thoughts… I won’t go into too much detail but there will be spoilers so if you don’t want to know more, read no further, lol.

– First of all, yay for girl power! Love the group hug. 🙂 Yuuri is starting to grow on me… I thought her character was annoying at first but she’s getting better. I’m glad Futaba has good female friends. She will need their support if things get rocky with Kou.

– Kou is looking pretty tired in this chapter. The bags under his eyes look bigger. Probably due to the added stress of dealing with his friend from Nagasaki?

– Kou “sleeping” and the fingernail scene! Ahhh… Kou, just admit (at least to yourself) that you have feelings for Futaba… or don’t you know?

– Touma is holding his own… Physically, I still like Kou’s look better, but Touma is pretty cute too. I used to think that he looked like a male version of Yuuri, lol. He’s pretty direct in approaching Futaba, which is a nice contrast to Kou who’s kind of sneaky and hard to read.

– I’m leaning towards Kou’s friend being female for two reasons… one, I don’t think Kou would spend his time during every break at school, checking his phone for email from a guy. Even with his sharp tongue, Kou has shown to be gentle towards girls. Two, if it’s a guy friend, the storyline would probably not be as interesting. Adding another girl in Kou’s life makes for a lot more drama and angst… and Sakisaka-sensei is so good at angst. Gah! When is chapter 18 coming out? lol.

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