Another option for buying e-manga

I buy my e-manga from ebookjapan and have been very happy with them… lots of manga and great customer service. But I started noticing that they’re not getting recent works from a few of the publishers… not sure if it’s because the publishers have started offering e-manga on their own?

I’ve been wanting to buy some of the manga from Sho-Comi, so I registered at the Sokuyomi site. It took awhile to figure out how to make a purchase, but I finally did it! I will post an explanation under the Stores section soon. The prices are cheaper than ebookjapan’s prices but there’s a time limit of 180 days to read the manga and they only offer the ability to read via Android and PC viewers. In contrast, there is no time limit for manga purchased at ebookjapan and they can be read on more devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, PC). Still I’m happy that to have found another way to purchase e-manga. 🙂