L-DK Chapter 41 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 41. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary comes from a wonderful Japanese blog that I read… here’s the link to the original Japanese spoiler: Chapter 41. The blog owner’s posts are so fun to read with a lot of details and comments. 🙂

Chapter 41

Aoi doesn’t know what to say after Kaede finds the photo booth picture. Kaede pleads with Aoi not to say anything to Haru. Kaede feels that if Haru finds out, then she will close off her feelings again. Kaede also asks Aoi not to tell anyone else either until Haru has a chance to convey her feelings and move on. At school, it’s almost time for the mid-semester exams, so Kaede proposes that they have a study group at Yuudai’s house. Back at Aoi and Shuusei’s place, Aoi, thinking about Kaede’s words, isn’t her usual happy self and Shuusei seems concerned. However, they don’t talk about what’s bothering her and Shuusei goes off to take a bath. When he’s done, he sees Aoi sleeping on her side. Lying next to Aoi, Shuusei glances at her lips and neck. He wants to touch her and hold her, but the “no sexual relations under graduation” promise to her father keeps him in check. At Yuudai’s house, Aoi still seems unhappy. Suddenly, someone hugs her from behind, and it’s… Shouta, Yuudai’s younger brother. Apparently Shouta still likes Aoi (from Volume 2). While the guys are outside goofing around, the girls are discussing love. When Kaede blurts out, “Even though you guys went as far as kissing?”, regarding Haru and Shuusei’s relationship, Aoi is frozen in shock. Aoi leaves her seat, and Shouta goes to talk with her. He seems anxious about her relationship with Shuusei. Aoi ends up telling Shouta about their relationship, just as Shuusei appears. Shouta assures them that he won’t say anything but warns Shuusei that feelings could change if he doesn’t hold on to her securely. Shuusei, seeing Shouta hugging Aoi and hearing those words, gets jealous and tells Aoi to come over to him. Exhausted, Aoi is lying down, resting by herself. She wants to believe Shuusei when he told her that he and Haru are just friends, but Haru didn’t deny Kaede’s comment about the kiss. During the time when Aoi, Kaede, Yuudai, and another friend are sleeping, Haru and Shuusei are gone. So where did they go? And Shouta isn’t around either?

L-DK Chapter 40 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 40. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary comes from a wonderful Japanese blog that I read… here’s the link to the original Japanese spoiler: Chapter 40. The blog owner’s posts are so fun to read with a lot of details and comments. 🙂

Chapter 40

Aoi and Shuusei return back to their apartment and Aoi is concerned about Shuusei and Haru. Shuusei asks Aoi if there’s something bothering her but she doesn’t answer so he starts tickling her. She finally tells him that she’s worried about Haru. Shuusei tells her that Haru is just a friend. He’s glad that Aoi has become friendly with Haru and the others and thinks that everyone being in the same class and having fun, including Aoi, will be a good thing. During lunchtime at school, Kaede tries to get Haru to admit that she still likes Shuusei in front of Aoi, but Haru won’t admit it. Back at the apartment, Aoi receives a call from Kaede. Apparently she’s on her way over to Aoi’s place and Haru is with her! Luckily, Shuusei is at his part-time job so he’s not there, but Aoi needs to send him a text and let him know. Kaede checks out the place and both she and Haru even see the “no sexual relations until graduation” sign, lol. Shuusei returns back home but Aoi is able to gesture at him to leave before he says anything. Hearing a noise in the entrance, Kaede and Haru go to investigate but Aoi and Shuusei somehow evade them and end up in the bathroom(?). He tells her that they probably don’t need to hide their relationship from Haru and Kaede but Aoi’s not sure because of Haru’s feelings towards Shuusei. Shuusei then starts kissing Aoi and when Kaede calls her name, Aoi has trouble answering, lol. Haru finally confesses to Aoi that she likes Shuusei and apologizes for lying about it. Aoi tries to tell Haru about her relationship with Shuusei, but Kaede interrupts them saying that Haru needs to go home because her brother is waiting. After Haru is gone, Kaede asks Aoi if she’s going out with Shuusei and if they’re living together.

Well, I’m definitely relieved that Aoi and Shuusei talked about her concerns and he reassured her! Still worried about Kaede and what she plans to do though…

Aoharaido – Chapter 19 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws are already available and have been translated… you can read the translation here. So fast, wow! Omg, this manga is good! It drives me crazy and makes me happy at the same time, lol.

  • Yes, the phone friend is a girl… like that would surprise anyone, lol. She shows up at the end of the chapter. She has short, dark hair and looks cute, of course.
  • Lots of male bonding going on between Kominato and Kou, which is cool. Kou’s such a loner and pretty aloof, so it’s good to see him open up a little.
  • Kominato discovering that Kou used to like Futaba in junior high and then asking if he still does and Kou blushing. He doesn’t admit it but doesn’t deny it either. 🙂
  • Aoharaido-Ch19

    This is after Kominato asks Kou if he still likes Futaba and Kou doesn’t give him a straight answer… I love Kou’s face, annoyed and embarrassed… cute!

  • Futaba asking for Touma’s opinion on guy stuff… awkward (for Touma?) but cute! Touma really seems to like her… almost want them to end up together… almost, but it’s definitely Kou and Futaba! Although with recent developments, it might take awhile.
  • Kou sounds like he’s just trying to help out the phone girl but isn’t interested in her in that way… but she may feel differently… nothing has been said in the chapter, but why bother to add her character to the story then? If so, hopefully Kou is smart and strong enough to resist. Although that would be an opening for Touma… and remember with Strobe Edge, Ninako’s first kiss wasn’t with Ren?

Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (Faster Than a Kiss) raws for Ch 57

The Chinese raws for the last chapter (Chapter 57) are out! Here’s the link to view them: Chapter 57. I can’t read Chinese but it’s nice to see the pictures. 🙂 Some quick comments below (spoilers included):

  • There are several kisses, yes! It seems like Kazuma is making up for all the time he had to wait, lol. (I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 years?)
  • Fumino is very pretty in her wedding dress. She looks a few years older when she’s calm and serene. After the wedding, she’s back to her aggravated, embarrassed self.
  • Teppei is adorable as always, but he still looks so small… he’s six, right? I thought he would look a little older.
  • The expression that Shoma has when he receives the picture of Fumino on his phone… awww. I haven’t read that far in the manga yet (reading on my own, not the scanlations), but it appears that Shoma has lingering feelings for Fumino.
  • The close-up of their entwined hands with the wedding rings… ohhhhh… maybe they’ve taken it further than kissing?

Thanks, Tanaka-sensei for a wonderful manga series! Otsukaresama deshita! I’m looking forward to her next one. 🙂

L-DK Chapter 39 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 39. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 39

Picking up from the last chapter at Kaede’s house, it seems that she definitely suspects something is going on between Aoi and Shuusei and wonders what Haru should do. Haru hasn’t told Kaede that she likes Shuusei though. At Aoi and Shuusei’s apartment, Aoi is happily getting ready to go over to Haru’s house with Kaede. Shuusei seems happy, too, as he touches Aoi’s hair and keeps looking at her. When Aoi and Haru go to the store to pick up ingredients, Kaede makes a phone call. At the store, Aoi and Haru are checking out the sales and then Aoi and some older guy bump into each other. The guy touches Aoi’s butt and Aoi, with Haru’s help, gets back at him. Aoi and Haru laugh about it on the way back. When they arrive at the house, Shuusei and Yuudai are there. Kaede invited them over, maybe to see how Aoi will react? They look through Haru’s junior high yearbook and Kaede says that she wants to see Haru and Shuusei do a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Haru and Shuusei seems to be having a good time with their game, while Aoi worries that Haru knows more about Shuusei’s past than she does. Kaede continues to observe Aoi. As Haru goes to steal the ball, she starts to fall down but Shuusei grabs and stops her. He then tells her that he feels bad about something that happened in the past.He’s glad they’re in the same class and can talk again. Standing together like that, Haru seems to notice her feelings towards Shuusei. Aoi, seeing Haru like that, also thinks that Haru likes Shuusei. Then, Kaede says/thinks, “Haru suits him…”

Just a few quick thoughts about this development… personally, I’m getting a little tired of all the problems that keep cropping up to prevent Aoi and Shuusei from really enjoying their relationship. I realize that their living situation can’t be discovered, but why can’t other people know that they are in a relationship? I don’t mind the “no sexual relations until graduation” promise because I feel that it is appropriate for the storyline and adds some tension to the relationship. But this new development is just kind of annoying. I’m tired of conniving girls. Hopefully, Watanabe-sensei doesn’t drag this on for too long and Shuusei doesn’t do anything to make Aoi feel more uneasy. No matter what happens though, I will follow this manga to the end… I’ve already bought all the volumes through number 9 and I’m helping with the translation, but I’m hoping for more happiness instead of angst.

Aoharaido – Chapter 18 thoughts (spoilers)

I’m working on translating Chapter 18 and just wanted to share a few thoughts…  there are spoilers so if you don’t want to know more, read no further, lol.

– Kou’s mysterious cell phone friend still hasn’t been identified as male or female… but I’m definitely leaning towards female since Kou’s other friend that he talks to in the beginning of the chapter is a guy. Why keep the cell-phone friend a mystery but not this other friend, hmm?

– Kou getting so flustered by a guy in his class asking him if he likes someone. Seriously, is he not aware of his feelings or just doesn’t want to admit anything?

– Touma biting the Pocky or pretzel stick that Futaba offered him and then getting so embarrassed by it, lol. Futaba’s reaction is cute… she’s so puzzled. Sakisaka-sensei’s draws her confusion well.

– I still think Touma looks like a male Yuuri, lol, but in the scene where he’s talking to Futaba while she’s wearing the maid outfit, his profile kind of reminds me of Ren from Strobe Edge (a light hair version). I really don’t like the back of his hairdo though… it just looks weird to me.

– Kou being irritated about Futaba and Touma’s friendship. He totally snapped at her and then felt really bad about it since he thought she was crying. Okay, Kou, I know that you’re tsundere but come on!

– Um… when Kou comforts Futaba and has his arm around her, what exactly did he do??? Inquiring minds want to know! And so does Futaba since she asks him, lol.

– And what’s with those words that Kou says at the end!?  I had a hard time trying to translate what he said because it was kind of vague. I hope I translated it okay. If not, sorry! Sakisaka-sensei probably intended to keep it like that since Futaba was all, “I don’t understand. What does that mean?” Here’s what Kou said (for those who know some Japanese): Sou iu fuu ni dekitenda na orera. Geez, it’s going to be a long month before Chapter 19 is released.

Aoharaido – Chapter 18 first look (spoilers)

The Chinese raws have been translated and you can read the translation here. Still can’t figure out how the Chinese raws are out before the Japanese ones, but I don’t mind! Touma has a much bigger role now… he’s a class officer with Futaba and Kou. How about that pretzel/stick biting scene! Touma’s got some courage. Futaba looks really cute in that maid outfit and Touma definitely thinks so. Then Kou snapping at her (because he’s jealous?) and then apologizing, but Futaba wasn’t really crying, lol. Kou, you better treat Futaba nicer though. I can’t wait to see the Japanese raws!

L-DK Chapter 38 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 38. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 38

Shuusei is playing in the school’s softball tournament and is popular as always. Aoi is worried about it but can’t say anything at school. After school, Aoi goes to meet up with Shuusei at a train station away from their school. However, Kaede happens to show up because the studio where she works as a magazine model is nearby. Kaede seems to be suspicious of Aoi and Shuusei’s relationship. Aoi apparently says she doesn’t really care about Shuusei, so Shuusei turns into his doS mode and ends up going on a date with Kaede with Aoi following them. At a store, when it appears that Kaede is going to kiss him, a dressed up gal grabs him and runs out of the store. Outside, Aoi removes her disguise and tells Shuusei that she’s been really looking forward to going on a “seifuku date” (date while wearing their school uniforms) with him. Acknowledging her feelings, he drops the doS mode and caresses her cheek. Shuusei wants to go with Aoi to take pictures in a photo booth. Shuusei apparently doesn’t understand the meaning of “chu-puri” (taking a photo while kissing). He hugs her from behind and tells her that sometimes he gets uneasy, thinking that she could disappear suddenly, so he wants to create a lot of memories with her. After taking pictures, they go to the park. Aoi climbs up the jungle gym and he makes remarks about her underwear. Then he climbs up the jungle gym and hugs her, saying that a “seifuku date” is nice. He tells her that he likes it when she smiles and they kiss. At Kaede’s house, she is wondering about Aoi and Shuusei while looking at pictures of Haru…

Aoharaido – Chapter 17 thoughts (spoilers)

I finished translating Chapter 17 and just wanted to share a few of my thoughts… I won’t go into too much detail but there will be spoilers so if you don’t want to know more, read no further, lol.

– First of all, yay for girl power! Love the group hug. 🙂 Yuuri is starting to grow on me… I thought her character was annoying at first but she’s getting better. I’m glad Futaba has good female friends. She will need their support if things get rocky with Kou.

– Kou is looking pretty tired in this chapter. The bags under his eyes look bigger. Probably due to the added stress of dealing with his friend from Nagasaki?

– Kou “sleeping” and the fingernail scene! Ahhh… Kou, just admit (at least to yourself) that you have feelings for Futaba… or don’t you know?

– Touma is holding his own… Physically, I still like Kou’s look better, but Touma is pretty cute too. I used to think that he looked like a male version of Yuuri, lol. He’s pretty direct in approaching Futaba, which is a nice contrast to Kou who’s kind of sneaky and hard to read.

– I’m leaning towards Kou’s friend being female for two reasons… one, I don’t think Kou would spend his time during every break at school, checking his phone for email from a guy. Even with his sharp tongue, Kou has shown to be gentle towards girls. Two, if it’s a guy friend, the storyline would probably not be as interesting. Adding another girl in Kou’s life makes for a lot more drama and angst… and Sakisaka-sensei is so good at angst. Gah! When is chapter 18 coming out? lol.

L-DK Chapter 37 Spoilers

Here is the summary spoiler for L-DK Chapter 37. To read it, please click and highlight the text below. This summary is compiled from a couple of Japanese blogs that I read… they have a lot of detail and comments but no pictures.

Chapter 37

It’s springtime, the start of a new school year! Aoi and Shuusei are in the same class for the first time. But Aoi’s friend, Moe, ends up in a different class. Aoi seems a little nervous about the changes. Shuusei still has a lot of fans at the school but there’s a girl named Haru who speaks candidly about him. Aoi, who doesn’t want their secret to be exposed, acts indifferently towards Shuusei and ends up making friends with Haru and another girl, Kaede. The other guys in the class seem to be jealous of Shuusei’s popularity, but Shuusei’s friend (Yuudai) shows up which helps alleviate the tense atmosphere. Apparently Shuusei gives Yuudai a big kiss in front of the whole class (really?). Yuudai proposes that they have a reunion and they go out bowling. Shuusei and Haru seem to know each other from being in the same basketball club in junior high. After bowling, they grab a bite to eat but somehow it ends up with Shuusei, Yuudai, Haru, and Kaede getting along well and Aoi feeling left out. So it turns out to be a depressing day for her… but then Shuusei sits down next to her and touches her hand under the table. He apologizes for not being able to talk to her easily. Yuudai almost catches them holding hands under the table, but Shuusei diverts his attention by mentioning a big breasted woman outside the window. Then Shuusei goes from shy to sadist mode and tells Aoi to please treat him well and he hopes that her breasts get bigger soon, lol. Aoi slaps Shuusei, taking everyone by surprise.

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