Rant… and then Bliss

I’ve been translating a lot of manga on Mangalator lately, about 8-9 different series. I normally enjoy it because I can focus on the manga that I’m interested in. However, recently there have been a few cases where someone new jumps in and translates the chapter that I was working on before I can finish it, even after I said that I’m currently translating it. It’s frustrating because it’s a waste of my time to work on a translation for a couple of hours and then stop. I don’t understand why people lack the common sense or courtesy to check on whether a manga is already being worked on. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth continuing to translate manga there, but I don’t want to let the readers down (and the fansubs that use my translations). So I’ll continue for now, but if this kind of thing happens more and more, then I’ll probably rethink my decision.

So… while I was feeling a bit annoyed because of this latest incident, I received a package in the mail from CD Japan. It’s my Sakisaka Io Illustrations book (for Aoharaido and Strobe Edge)! Talk about good timing! My mood went from sour to happy in an instant, lol.

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations... kyaaa

Aoharaido and Strobe Edge illustrations… kyaaa


Completed Series… not L-DK

Wow, so many series that I posted about have finally finished, like Aoharaido and Hirunaka no Ryuusei… but not L-DK. That series is going on 17 volumes, wth!? I really thought that it would have finished by now. I actually stopped reading this manga a while back. However, I’m still buying the books, so one day I will start up again. I may just start from the very beginning to enjoy the whole series from scratch.

Aoharaido: It ended… even though I hoped and suspected that Futaba would end up you-know-who (don’t want to spoil it for the one person who may not know yet, lol), I did worry about the outcome. Strobe Edge is still my favorite manga of Sakisaka-sensei, but Aoharaido is a pretty close second. I am looking forward to her new series, and hopefully we will hear more about it over the next couple of months. Speaking of Strobe Edge, I ended up buying the April 2015 issue of Betsuma… why? because of the Strobe Edge special chapter. 🙂 I am such a sucker when it comes to Strobe Edge, lol. I can’t wait to watch the Strobe Edge live-action movie online. If it’s a pretty good adaptation, I may buy the DVD version. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Sota Fukushi, who plays Ren, is easy on the eyes. 😉

Hirunaka no Ryuusei: I kind of lost interest in this manga, but I do have all the volumes through 11. Since volume 12 is the last one, I will buy it to complete the series. I accidentally found out who she ended up with though, so unfortunately the ending won’t be a surprise when I finally read it. However, I am somewhat interested on what occurred up to that point, so I plan to continue reading the manga someday soon. I’m not sure if I will keep the series though… maybe I will try to sell it on eBay.

Manga order from honto

honto order July 2012Received my first order from honto without any problems, yay! It arrived on Friday, about 5.5 weeks since it shipped. That’s close to the average time it seems to take to ship the order from Japan to my place (using surface mail, the slowest and cheapest method). Previous orders from bk1 took around 6 weeks and one order took 2 months. According to the Japan postal service website, surface mail to the U.S. can take anywhere from 1 – 3 months, so I’m happy with 6 weeks.

I ordered 8 books and the cost of the shipping was 1080 yen, which is around $14… very reasonable for 8 books. If the exchange rate was different, I would probably switch to a faster method, but I just don’t want to pay that much for shipping right now. I like the way honto packs the books, too. Very neat with padding around all sides, so the books aren’t damaged during transit.

Here’s my stash of books that I received: Strobe Edge (vol 9 & 10), Aoharaido (vol 1), Chitose, etc. (vol 4), Love So Life (vol 9), Ishakoi (vol 3), Hakuouki anthology, and Hakuouki light novel (vol 1). Now I need to find more time to read, lol.

Strobe Edge licensed by VIZ Media

Just saw that Shojo Beat will release Strobe Edge starting in fall 2012. Congrats to Sakisaka-sensei! 🙂 Here’s some information on the release: Strobe Edge release info

Cute scene with Ren and Nina

In Strobe Edge, there are many cute scenes of Ren and Nina together… here’s a snapshot of one of those scenes… Ren sharing his earbud with Nina so she can hear the song that he’s listening to. Love the way he’s looking at her. 🙂


Canon PowerShot G12

I just bought a new camera today! At first I was leaning towards buying a DSLR, but they are kind of expensive and bulky. What I really wanted was a compact camera that’s able to take decent indoor shots at low-light. The Canon PowerShot G12 has good reviews, so I decided to get it. Until now, I’ve been using my iPhone to take pictures, lol. To make this post manga-related, here’s a picture of the Strobe Edge novels using my new camera. 🙂  I bought the books a couple of months ago after finishing the Strobe Edge manga, and I just started reading the first book. Since I already know the story and characters, it helps make the reading easier.